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Treating Your Pets with Healthy Treats from Hills

This is a sponsored post; we have been compensated by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Hill’s Pet Nutrition is not responsible for the content of this article.

Food is a universal language that is one of the few that expand between pets and people. Our dogs and cats know that we are the holders of all food, and when we want to show love, we can often be found distributing out pet treats.

It’s human nature to show our pets how much we love them through toys and treats, just as it would be human to show our love to our humans through food and gifts. We give our pets treats before we leave the house, upon our arrival home from work, we can even treat electronically these days.

But treats are doing as much to create a national obesity epidemic as fast food joints are doing to create a similar problem in humans. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, out of the 77.5 million dogs in the USA, an astonishing 35 million of these dogs are considered overweight and 6.7 million are considered clinically obese.

That’s staggering… HALF of our dog population is overweight and nearly 1 in 10 dogs are clinically obese. But, there’s a solution.

Ideal Balance treats are made with all-natural ingredients like real chicken and they’re grain-free. There is no corn, wheat, soy, added artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. What’s more, all of Hill’s Ideal Balance treats are manufactured locally, right here at home in the USA.

Hill’s carefully selects high-quality ingredients, most of which are sourced from the U.S., with all meat and poultry coming from USDA-inspected facilities. Hill’s has zero tolerance for Salmonella, so you can treat your pets with confidence.

There are numerous varieties to choose from – like chicken and apple, or beef and sweet potatoes, or turkey and cranberries. They come in “Soft-baked naturals” and “Oven-baked naturals” so you’re sure to find a type that appeals to your pets.

And you can spoil your pets just in time for Thanksgiving by winning three bags of either Hills Ideal Balance Dog treats or three bags of Hills Ideal Balance Cat treats. Enter to win here – we have 20 chances to win!

Check out the Ideal Balance website for great information about finding the right Ideal Balance food for your pet and use this handy Comparison tool for dog food to see how Ideal Balance stacks up against the competition., and be sure to take advantage of the “Which Food is Right for My Pet” tool!

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