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New Ways to Keep Pets Cool in Summer


Water, Water, Everywhere

Your pets need 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. Learn more about how much water your pets need, and how you can help them reach this amount during the day.

how to Keep pets cool in summer

Cats, especially

Cats especially are notorious for not drinking enough water, but all animals may have a problem drinking enough water in summer. This is why water fountains are so important. Pets and wildlife tend to drink more when water is moving. Filtered water can also help improve your pet’s water intake.

Water is critically important but delivering that water can be challenging when you’re on the road (or trail). That’s why we always carry a few extra water bowls. They’re easy to store, simple to clean (just toss into dishwater) and they’re lightweight. When selecting a plastic or silicone water bowl, be sure it’s made from food grade plastic or silicone that is BPA-Free (like the Dexas Popware Water Bowl).


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