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Reasons for Pet Aggression


[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”##996633″]Social Aggression[/heading]

While the concept of a “pack” has been discounted by many, we at PetsWeekly hold to the idea. Just as people are social and prefer to live in groups, so do dogs. It is a natural state for them, and as soon as we forget that dogs are pack animals, we run into problems. It’s important for us, as pet parents, to practice good leadership skills and learn how to work within the social structure of a pack. When a pack is without a leader, and every pack must have a leader. By keeping yourself in the role of leader, you will have socially aware, well-adjusted, happy animals sharing your home.

It is NEVER appropriate to scruff, shake, “alpha roll” or cause physical harm to a dog while you are asserting yourself. Good leaders are respectful and never attempt to escalate a situation. A good leader is fair to every pack member, and most importantly, they can assert themselves without even touching a member of a group. We’ll continue to talk about good leadership in future articles.

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