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Hydro-Go Pet Canteen


Are you looking for something new this summer?  Tired of sharing your water with your pup, all that dog slob everywhere? Drinkwell has come up with the perfect solution!

They have recently introduced the Drinkwell Hydro-Go Pet Canteen .  This product is a must-have for any pet owner who enjoys taking their pets for walks, bringing them to work, or  just hanging out with friends.

This cool new product expands into a water dish by laying out flat against the ground.  The water can even be directed back into the canteen so you’re sure to never miss a drop!  In the hot deserts of the Southwest and summer rapidly approaching, we are placing the Drinkwell Hydro-Go on our list of “must-have’s” for expeditions to dog parks. 

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Here’s the scoop on this pet canteen

It can hold 36 ozs of water, and opens up to act as both a food and water bowl, which contains 12 ozs of fluid.  It is very easily transportable with a nylon strap that you can either place around your waist or over your shoulder.  Or better yet – have your pet carry it along in a saddlebag!  The mouth of the canteen is large enough to add ice cubes too on a hot summer day, guaranteeing your pet a nice cool drink whenever they need it.

With this unique unit, you never need to worry about the quality of water your pet is drinking (just bring it with you).  Pets love it too, it’s as though they are getting a ‘treat’ with a canteen all their own.  Cleaning is simple as it is dishwasher safe – something we always love to hear!

For those readers who love to take their pets on hikes, but don’t want to carry a separate canteen for people and animal use, no worries.  Just disconnect the drinking bowl completely, fill with water and recap.  You have your own canteen and your pet has his/her own drinking bowl.

Why is this product important?  Pets need lots of water to maintain and promote healthy kidney and urinary tract functions, particularly during the hot summer months.  It also reminds you to drink more water while you’re walking your pet! 


The concept for the Hydro-Go Pet Canteen is very simple and once you try it out, you’ll be as sold on the product as we were!  This one is yet another “must have” for pet owners worldwide!.

From the Dogs:

Leaps of Joy: A great idea that is long overdue!  We love to go “on the road” with our humans, and this lets us stay out as long as we want!

Growls: None – we love having fresh water from our “regular” water supply to take with us on our favored outings with the family!

From the humans:

Two opposable thumbs up! We love this product!  It’s easy to maintain and carry, dishwasher safe, and our pets love it.  What else is there?

Drawback? Be cautious when pouring water into the drinking area – it doesn’t “snap” closed and can fall open if it’s not on a solid surface.  We get around this by placing it on a solid surface when pouring.

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