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2014 Holiday Gift List for Cats & Their People


We know you want the best gifts for your pampered felines, so we created a short list of our favorite cat products from 2014.We also included a few things we know your cat-loving humans will enjoy as well!

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Our goal is to keep everyone safe at home with their beloved pets this year. If you do travel, make sure your pets are either with you or safe and warm at home or in a reputable boarding facility. For those who will be spending the holiday shopping, here are our holiday picks for cats (and their people)…

NekoFlies BirBug Telescoping Rod

Leading the list is Nekochan‘s newest addition to the line of superior cat toys: The Neko Telecoping Rod. NekoFlies brings a unique twist to the wand toy with a telescoping rod and specially designed lure. This gliding toy features a design that will entice even the most unresponsive cat, and it’s telescoping rod makes it the perfect selection for playtime in the largest of rooms or the tiniest of spaces.

From the Field Silvervine & Catnip

Think your cat doesn’t respond to catnip? Think again. From The Field Ultimate Blend Silver Vine Catnip Bag is the new catnip for cats who don’t generally respond to catnip. Naturally grown in Malaysia, this natural herb can give your cat euphoric response even if they don’t normally respond to catnip or Valerian Root. Sprinkle a pinch on your cat’s favorite toy or bed, and watch the magic.

FeatherWhirl from SmartyKat


This is another fan favorite among our felines this year! The interactive toy is powered by a battery and moves in a variety of motions to keep even the most active cat content. You can enter to win one here, but we recommend you also pick up the special that includes TWO toys, as well as TWO free SmartKat catnip packs! These make fantastic gifts!

Natural Dog Company

Licks for Cats

Licks Pill Free for Cats is the perfect supplement stocking stuffer for our feline friends. Each dose is individually packaged – simply place on your cat’s paw (they love the taste of the roasted chicken) or place on your cat’s food. LICKS® offers an extensive line of products for dogs and cats, each formulated to focus on resolving specific health and behavior conditions. (We recommend the ZEN™ formula as a calming aid to keep anxious, stressed-out or aggressive cats calm during the holidays).

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Eco Cater Pillar Toy

The all-natural wool toys for cats from Honest Pet Products is perfect for cats who love to play.  Each colorful body part is made of organic wool and sewn together with hemp twine. The natural lanolin aroma appeals to any cat and the toy can be hand-washed. As a bonus, the wool components are handmade by women in Nepal as part of the Fair Trade program, and every purchase helps support families who involved with Snow Leopard Preservation programs.

For Cat Owners

Looking for something that your best cat-loving friends would adore? We have some ideas for you!

Scarf from TTT Studios

This beautiful cat print scarf is sure to please any cat lover. The subtle design does not scream “crazy cat lady” and purr-fectly complements the feline finesse of the Tiniest Tiger handbags (also a great gift!). The cat scarf is available in black, beige or light pink.  The scarf is made of chiffon for a soft and light weight (2 ounces) feel and measures 70 x 160 cm.

Only $9.99

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Hands down, my favorite product of the year is the Neato Botvac 80 Robot Vacuum. Read our review, then buy it. Seriously, buy it. You’ll love this product and your pets won’t mind it a bit!

Books for Animal Lovers

We have several books deserving of special mention this year! I hope you’ll check each of them out. They are by truly talented authors who have very important things to say. Of course, this is a very short list. There are thousands worthy of mention, but these are a few of our favorites.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t include a special offer to my own novel below. If you have some spare change, please consider purchasing a signed copy of Shepherd’s Moon and I’ll include a free copy of So, You Have A New Kitten! with your order – in time for the holidays!


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