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FroliCat Bolt Laser Toy


FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy is much more than your standard laser toy – it’s really a self-contained entertainment unit for cats and dogs. If you’re like me, you have several cats who will chase a laser dot on the ground until I can’t even move the laser any more.

The Bolt takes the work out of keeping your pets entertained. As a stand-alone unit, it’s purr-fect for shy cats who want to be alone when they play, or for active cats that can chase laser dots all day long. It’s also great for dogs who enjoy lasers as much as the cats.

The Bolt has a series of patterns it follows so none of your pets will ever become bored watching the same pattern. The light reflects from a mirror onto the ground, and you can adjust the height. It’s a very quiet toy and you don’t have to worry about the cat beocming distracted with a “secondary” noise. A full rotation ensures that there is plenty of laser for everyone to chase. Just place four AA batteries (not included) in the base of the unit, press the button and get out of the way.

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The Bolt can be run in “automatic” or “manual” mode. If you want to set the toy up and head to the office to finish up work, the automatic mode will keep your pets occupied with  random patterns that continually fluctuate. Switch to manual mode for some hands-on fun and create your own unique laser patterns that vary in height and let cats really get some exercise.

An adjustable mirror allows you to aim the laser across walls, floors and other surfaces. A timer will automatically turn the toy off after 15 minutes of playtime. That’s plenty of time for our kitties to get in a good work out. This is a great toy to turn on before you leave for work in the morning, as the cats tire themselves out and then sleep the rest of the day. It also works beautifully for our crepuscular feline friends who would rather play at dusk.

At only $13-$15 (depending on where you purchase), this is a fantastic gift for a person who has pets or for your own pets. It definitely makes our list of “must have items” this holiday season!

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