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2017 Holiday Gift List for Cats (and Cat Lovers)

holiday gift list

Gifts for Cats Who Love to PLAY

HyperNip: $10.00+

HyperNip from Petlinks is an unique mixture of catnip and Silvervine that is more potent than regular catnip, but still completely natural. The secret is that they combine silvervine (learn more about the unique properties of Silvervine in our article, Top 5 Alternatives to Catnip) into their toys. This potent mix will entice any cat to play, whether they normally respond to catnip or not.

Also under the Petlinks umbrella is the new HyperNip Hide & Play – a fun toy for any cat who thinks crinkly sounds and tunnels are the best way to play. Since it’s completely collapsible, the Hide & Play can also be used at a bed while you are on the road.

Petlinks® HyperNip™ Zippy Zebra™ from the new Safari Collection is a toss toy with a big crop of feathers…toss it in the air and watch it soar down, then watch your kitty pounce.

[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2017-holiday/hypernip-hide-zebra.jpg,images/2017-holiday/hypernip-hide.jpg,images/2017-holiday/hypernip-hide2.jpg” order_by=”asc”]

SmartyKat: $5.00 +

Best selling brand SmartyKat® are longtime favorites for us – they focus on electronic and innovative cat toys, scratchers, and cat product accessories that keep even the most challenging cat content. “Hunt” means “play” in cat language, so make sure your cats are fully stocked on fun, interactive toys that keep them engaged. SmartyKat toys are designed to trigger your cat’s predatory response by mimicking the sounds and movement of their natural prey.

  • Twirl-n-Peek™ feathers and ribbons poke in and out of holes in the box as the toy spins as soft swishing sounds intrigue curious cats. What’s not to love about an interactive box? It’s every cat’s idea of a day of fun!
  • Claw Tower™ is a super-sized 2-in-1 sisal and carpet scratch post lets cats stretch and scratch. We wondered if this would be large enough for our big cats, but they have been playing with it nonstop. I can just imagine the fun kittens would have!
  • Kicked Critter™ is a much more fun toy than the name indicates. Cats LOVE this kicker as they grasp with their front legs and kick with their back legs. Wrestle! Hug! Kick! The crinkle sounds and extra-long plush attract cats to play.
[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2017-holiday/smartykat-tower.jpg,images/2017-holiday/smartykat-tower2.jpg,images/2017-holiday/smartykat-twirl.jpg,images/2017-holiday/smartykat-twirl1.jpg,images/2017-holiday/smartykat-kicker.jpg,images/2017-holiday/smartykat-kicker2.jpg” order_by=”asc”]

NekoFlies Toy System: $10+

NekoFlies is the toy we can use to coax cats out from under the bed, get rid of excess energy quickly, and coax to play even if they don’t feel like playing.

What we love most is the durability, the way we can shape dozens of new designs from one set, and the many lures you can purchase to switch out as often as you like.

The specially designed rod gives you more interactive play as you can choose from a variety of unique lures that are easily interchangeable.

[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2016-holiday/nekopawdz1.jpg,images/2016-holiday/nekopawdz2.jpg,images/2016-holiday/nekopawdz3.jpg” order_by=”asc”] [load_module id=”582″]

Cat Enclosures: $490+

Cat enclosures are the new big thing in the world. People are remembering that our cats love to be outdoors. However, letting your cat soak up the sun while keeping them safe from outdoor threats (like people, cars, and wildlife) is of critical importance.


These units let you do that safely.  Remember that you always need to provide plenty of shade and you should never let your cats stay in an independent enclosure (where they don’t have access to the house) unsupervised.  If you can’t enclose your patio (turning it into a catio), then these are some valid alternatives.

The Trixie Pet Catio is a great way to keep cats enclosed in a safe area outdoors (remember, this should not be your cat’s home! This is for fun only).

[Learn how to Create the Ultimate Cat Enclosure]

[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2016-holiday/catio2.jpg,images/2016-holiday/catio-1.jpg,images/2016-holiday/catio4.jpg” order_by=”asc”]

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