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Classic Dog Tales


Grab a box of tissue and prepare a cup of tea and doggy treats.

These are the books you won’t be able to put down once you pick it up and begin reading. Many of these books have also been made into movies, but we prefer the books. They are literary classics that no dog lover should ever miss.

Here are the top five classic doggy-themed tales of old.


Old Yeller Author Fred Gipson’s novel features the fictional Coates family and the big yellow dog that finds them after they settle in Texas Hill Country.


This Wilson Rawls story is about Billy, a farm boy who buys two Redbone Coonhounds and trains them as hunting dogs and companions.

The Incredible Journey Author Sheila Burnford’s book was made into a movie, Homeward Bound. It follows the adventures of two dogs and a cat as they travel to reunite with their owners.

Shiloh A Newbery Medal winner, this book by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor features 11-year-old Marty Preston, who finds a stray beagle but learns that its real owner is a neighbor who mistreats his dogs.

White Fang It’s really about a wolf, but seeing as how all of our dogs are really just wolves who have been domesticated and altered, it’s worth seeing. Set during the Gold Rush, you’re sure to love this classic!

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