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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets


Deadly Decorations

Decorations are very dangerous for pets. Whether it’s decorative foods, plastic party pieces, or  wires and cords; decorative items present choking hazards and the possibility of bowel obstructions, not to mention the possibility of burns or electrocution.

Halloween Pets Safe

Wrappers are also a favored danger by pets because they make noise, they smell wonderful and humans always seem to leave them lying around. Keep a close eye on your kids and make sure they are properly disposing of candy wrappers and leftover pieces of candy that somehow seem to fall onto the floor.

Avoid Candles

Candles go hand-in-hand with this annual holiday, but it’s very important you avoid the use of candles if you have pets. This is especially important if you’re asking your pet to wear a costume.

A dog need only brush against a pumpkin that has been illuminated for a costume to catch fire.

Remember, while many children’s costume are made from fire-retardant material, not all pet costumes can boast that claim. This puts our animals in a dangerous position.

Stay Visible

You should plan on taking your pet for a walk either late at night after kids have retreated home to sort their candy.

Many pets will be alarmed by the approach of excited kids in costumes and may bite out of fear. Halloween is best when pets stay at home.


If you do take your pets out for an evening stroll, be sure you are all very visible.

Halloween Pets Safe

  • Avoid Glow Sticks

    You’ll want to avoid glow sticks and glow jewelry. While they look fun, they can cause mouth pain and irritation, as well as profuse drooling and foaming. Many glow sticks are toxic to pets and people, so please avoid them during the holidays.

  • PupLight

    You could also just carry a flashlight, but if you have your hands full of dog, we recommend letting your pet do the heavy lifting. Puplight fastens onto your pets collar and makes you and your pet visible up to a mile away. The LED lights are safe and easy to turn on and off.

  • Reflective Clothing

    Lighting up can be accomplished by pet clothing that light up (like this illuminated vest), light-reflective clothing, boots or collars and even with specially designed leashes that feature reflective designs.

Halloween Pets Safe

Halloween Pets Safe



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