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Hauspanther’s Freeze Dried Treats & Food Toppers

Freeze-dried treats for cats

This month, we finally had the opportunity to try out Hauspanther’s new line of freeze-dried raw treats and toppers for cats! Of course, our cats LOVED these treats and we were impressed as well. We feel strongly that your cats should try them as well!

I’ll admit – when we first received the treats, I thought the pieces may be a bit too big for my cats. They tend to prefer tiny little treats. But, I was proven very wrong as all of the cats took to them immediately – even Cassie, who is hopelessly committed to her favorite junk food, Temptation treats.

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am to find something else she will eat as a reward besides those treats (which are not at all healthy for cats).

Each of these treats features nutrient-dense organ meat, made in the USA and are formulated for cats (but safe for dogs, as well). Our dogs had to get in on the action as well. We discovered it’s an ideal high-value treat for training for either cats or dogs.

Why are Hauspanther’s Freeze Dried Treats for Cats Better?

Firstly, Hauspanther prioritizes quality ingredients, using premium, real meat sources without artificial additives, colors, or preservatives. This ensures a healthier and more natural snack for your cat.

The freeze-drying process employed by Hauspanther preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients, locking in essential nutrients and flavors without compromising on taste. This results in a treat that not only satisfies your cat’s cravings but also contributes to their overall well-being.

Finally, Hauspanther’s commitment to quality and health makes their freeze-dried cat treats a preferred option for discerning pet owners who prioritize the best for their beloved feline companions.

Caring About Your Cat’s Treats

While many of us have cats that have come to us with a predisposition for “junk” treats. This addiction is just about as hard to change as our own little demons we fight to overcome. But, Hauspanther’s freeze-dried collection of treats makes the change up easy.

“I have tested these products with my own cats and I am very excited to share them with other cat owners who really care about what they feed their cats,” explains Kate Benjamin, founder of Hauspanther and creator of the Hauspanther Collection. “Cats are designed to eat raw food that is mainly meat, organs and bone, and freeze-drying is the most convenient and best way to give them exactly that.”

Great Treats for Cats and Dogs!

We quickly discovered that these are perfect additions to our dogs’ sensitive stomachs as well. The novelty of a new protein helps keep dinners interesting to them and the size is perfect for training.

Currently, there are three types of cat treats and meal toppers available. They are:

Check it out on Amazon or order directly from Hauspanther – these are treats you can trust that your pets will love!

The new freeze-dried products are the latest addition to the Hauspanther Collection manufactured in partnership with Primetime Petz. The Hauspanther brand was created by Kate Benjamin, who has been writing about cats and design since 2007. Kate is the co-author with Jackson Galaxy of two New York Times bestselling books, Catification and Catify to Satisfy. Hauspanther has partnered with Primetime Petz since 2016 to manufacture the Hauspanther Collection, which includes innovative and stylish cat climbing furniture, scratchers, cat beds, cat toys and now the freeze-dried line for cats.

Hauspanther’s treats are a thousand times better for cats and we are so happy to get Cassie off the junk food treats.


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