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Cat Swallows Holiday Decoration


Red circle shows the location of a tiny holiday ornamentAn English cat bit off more than she could chew, or at least digest, during this holiday season.

Leah the cat was doing what cats do – playing with the Christmas tree ornaments, when she swallowed a tiny Christmas tree. Claire Smith, Leah’s owner, realized that the cat was losing weight, suffering from chronic stomach upset and generally looking poorly. She had no idea why.

A visit to the vet and a quick x-ray uncovered the reason for Leah’s distress when it revealed the tiny tree lodged in the cat’s intestines. Surgery was performed to remove the object and the Yamouth Mercury assures us that Leah is recovering quietly at home.

Veterinarians warn their clients to be on the lookout for abnormal behavior during the Holiday season. Generally, the holidays offer more opportunities for pets to get themselves into trouble – whether it’s from playing with Christmas ornaments, or being poisoned by eating something dangerous. Frequent visitors allow more opportunities for animals to escape the home, so it’s also important to ensure that your pets are wearing proper ID and that they remain under control.

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