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Moo Kitty Finds A Home


“You only need to believe and have faith that you are not alone,” said Calvin the Angel Cat.

And thus sets the theme of this creative little children’s book entitled Moo Kitty Finds A Home by Valerie Lee Veltre.

At 72 pages with rich, colorful illustrations throughout the 8 1/2×11 sized book finds a home with all animal lovers who want to teach children the value of adoption. A Mom’s Choice and Gold Award Winner recipient, this book is a home run for animal rescue!

In the book, Moo Kitty (an adorable little cat who has markings resembling a cow), loses his owner. Without a home, the abandoned kitty must learn to fend for himself on the streets. Lost and alone, he finally grows tired and is visited in his dreams by three angel kitties who reassure him that everything will be fine.

When he awakens, he is found by a man named George and taken to a rescue. For many days, he watches as the younger kittens are adopted one by one until finally there is no one left but him. He grows despondent, feels abandoned and curls up again – a kitty without hope.

Finally, a young girl comes in and sees his amazing colors! Instantly, she knows that this is the kitty for her.

The ending of the book is encouraging and loving and demonstrates the true meaning of adoption – what it means for families as well as an older pet.

I thought this book was very well-written and had a wonderful message for young and older readers. Moo Kitty Finds A Home is available in hard back at Amazon.com or through the publisher.

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