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An Angel with Fur


There’s nothing more amazing than when a man meets his first love. For Russell Blake, that first love occurs in a Mexico dog pound and the object of his affection is a tiny, flea-bitten puppy named Lobo.

Russell Blake, an exceptionally talented author, relays this real-life tale of heroism. An Angel With Fur is the story of a man who rescues a dog, only to discover that he needed rescuing as much as the dog.

The story is filled with humor and triumphs, heartbreak and fear as Russell learns how difficult being a pet parent really is. Blake takes his experience writing spy novels and translates it to telling the story of his first four-legged friend – a canine character who wins the heart of thousands.

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Lobo is a mixed breed, some suspect Labrador (which is how they classify all animals in Mexican dog pounds), but the pictures throughout the book clearly show a shepherd/collie/lab mix (or maybe a Sheprador) coming into his own as his owner learns about being a “dog dad.”

Lobo is a charmer from day one, the epitome of a four-legged action hero: 2 parts charmer, 1 parts comedian, and 1 part tragic hero. His misadventures will have you laughing, crying and cheering this pup on (even while hoping Blake wins on occasion).

This is not your typical “dog story.” It’s not filled with sentimental looks at the past, it’s real. It’s the touching, yet gut-wrenching, tale of a man and his dog. Both as surly and tough as the other, you’ll laugh at the battles of will that alternate between true love and antagonistic behavior.

For anyone who has loved an animal, anyone who has lost their friend, this is a book that should be bought, read, shared and most of all – treasured.

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