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Zippity Poo Da Leash


If you’re one of the millions of people who go walking with your dog each day (and I really hope you are!), this is a product that you’ll find an immediate use for. The Dog Poop Bag Holder and Collection Pouch leash is designed to offer a way for owners to pick up after their pooch on each walk, without having to carry around a bag of waste (which let’s face it – is embarrassing.)

The leash/pouch combo is designed with a cute little bag that velcros all the way open. On one end is a “bag dispenser” and will hold a 50-count roll of plastic bags, or you can use recycled plastic bags from your grocery shopping adventure. This is one way that it helps contribute to the environment.

Once you’ve picked up after your pet, you simply use the top compartment to store the waste until you run across a garbage can or make the journey home. A velcro opening that runs the entire length of the bag makes disposal simple and clean.

You don’t need to walk around holding a bag of pet waste. In fact, you don’t even need to hold the bag – your pet holds it for you. So now they really can pull their own weight! Zippity Poo Da puts the cool back into environmentally conscious. 

You can also buy the pouch separately and it’s so well designed that it attaches to all leashes. So – if you have a favorite leash, no worries. This will work well with what you have. It also attaches easily to your standard backpack, purse, or even a belt loop.

This is going to be a great product for bringing your pets along to holiday parties, events and family  gatherings. Whether you’re at the dog park, off for a jog, or just visiting the veterinarian office – this product will be a great addition to your pet’s travel and walking packs. And for those looking for holiday gifts? This is one that requires your attention!

  • Durable for Everyday Use
  • Your Pet Carries the Poo
  • Machine Washable
  • Flip-Out Bag Disposal
  • Poo Stays Secured During Exercise
  • Easy to Load and Dump in Seconds
  • Never Carry Poo Again


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