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Skunk-Off Eliminates Odor


When I lived in Utah many years ago, I had a German shepherd who somehow managed to tangle with a skunk at least once a week. The attack itself was not as traumatizing as the ensuing series of bath battles between man and beast.  My dad, dressed in heavy welding gloves and armed with cans of tomato juice would bravely attempt to bathe my very large, very unhappy, and very smelly German shepherd. Lance hated (I mean HATED) baths, and so they fought in the backyard – my dad wrestling the dog to the ground in between lunges from the dog as he snapped and gnashed his teeth and alternated between attack and retreat.

My 7-year-old self would hide in my bedroom, begging my dad to stop; pleading and crying hysterically that I didn’t mind the stinky dog. The truth was, I did mind. I minded very much. But I was more terrified that the battle between my dog and my dad – the two things I loved most in the world, would end in mortal injury.

Since that time, the pet industry has rapidly evolved and so has the treatment of angry shepherds who had the misfortune of running across a skunk.  Thankfully, Lambert-Kay has just come out with a much easier way to treat your skunked pet:  Skunk-Off.

There are many types of skunks – four species alone in Arizona – so no matter where you live, chances are good you or your pet have had at least one run-in with these animals. While the spray of a skunk carries no real danger to pets or people, it is a highly unpleasant experience and even dozens of cans of tomato juice will not sufficiently neutralize the stench of skunk spray.

“Not knowing how to protect or clean your dog from skunk spray, or any other powerful odor, can be a problem for many pet parents,” said Product Development and Technical Support Manager Dr. Debra Nickelson of Lambert Kay. “As a veterinarian, I have seen many pet parents try a variety of different products and at-home solutions that never completely remove the smell.”

While tomato juice baths and many other more modern products may moderate the odor, they don’t truly neutralize the smell or change the molecule. Lambert Kay® Fresh ’n Clean® product line, Skunk-Off® Uses a five-step process to completely eliminate the odor.

1.    Neutralization: Scent-blending power takes foul odors down a notch to neutral scent
2.    Absorption: Odor fighting molecules contain scents and prevent vaporization
3.    Bonding: Bonding agents change the molecular structure of the odor
4.    Inhibitors: Powerful inhibitors stop biological decomposition in its tracks
5.    Residuals: Long-lasting compounds stay active for continuous control and foul-odor prevention

And most importantly, it works. While I (fortunately) haven’t had the chance to use the product on my own dogs, I was able to test it on a rescue dog that came into a shelter this month. We first used the Soaking formula, which helps to neutralize the scent completely. Just pour it over the hardest hit area and let it sit for a moment. Shampoo it away with the next step in the process, being sure to very carefully get the very sensitive hardest hit areas (i.e., usually the  eyelids and nose) , and you will have a very fresh-smelling, clean dog in no time.

The process doesn’t resolve the need for a bath which wouldn’t fix my German shepherd’s problem, but it does resolve the problem of more than one bath. It’s a two-step fix that works.

Now, we did have the ability to try this out on some other tough smells, including my dog, Bree, who found a rotting fish to roll on at the river. I’m happy to report that it immediately resolved the problem of dead fish rolling and effectively neutralized the odor.

Give it a try. You can find it at Amazon or any other retailer for about $10.00 – well worth the price to eliminate the odor of a skunk without traumatizing your pets.

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