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Preventing Accidental Overdose in Pets


An estimated one-half of all patients in the United States fail to take their medications as prescribed and the averages are even higher for pet parents whose pets need medication. It’s far too easy to forget when your pet’s last dose of medication was, or to have a family member give an extra dosing by accident. This is why I was extremely happy to find the RX Timer Caps and Bottles. These digital cap timers show the amount of time that’s passed since you’ve taken your dose of medication. It’s the perfect tool for managing your own, and your pets medicine.

The timer on the cap works like a stopwatch, counting the time since your medication was last taken, and resets itself every time the container is opened or closed.

For example, Bree has an ear infection and is on amoxicillin twice a day. Every 12 hours, my husband and I have to remember to give her a pill. That may sound simple, but if you’re dealing with your own medication, or your spouse or kids or parents medication, dosing can quickly become overwhelming and good intentions can become deadly in a heartbeat.

How it Works:
These lids are available for any type of standard pill bottle. The second the bottle is opened, the timer begins counting so you know exactly how long it’s been between doses. The LCD display is in hours and minutes for easy interpretation. After 100 hours, the timer goes into “sleep mode” to retain battery life.

The Benefits:
Preventing accidental overdoses and over/under medication: I don’t think I need to outline the many benefits this product offers to both humans and pets. Studies show it improves patient adherence by as much as 34% and I can only imagine how beneficial it would be to prevent accidental overdoses. If you are a veterinarian office or your pet needs controlled substances, you can also track the last time the bottle was opened or closed, so there are security benefits to this product as well.

This is a product that should be in every household. If you are a veterinary office, you will be able to track the times that a medication was opened. Humans will know when the next done is due for pets and how long it’s been since the last dose, and the human benefits of caring for another person or animals care program is tenfold what you would pay for these lids.
Price is very nominal compared to what you would pay in increased medical costs, to mention falling victim to one of the 250k deaths that occur each year from noncompliance of medication protocols.

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