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Photographer Central Changes the Way You Take Photos


The holidays are upon us and that means many will be seeking out reputable photographers to take family photos with pets. Photographer Central is changing the way that you do this by simplifying the search process, while providing specially designed search results and individual profiles to help you find the perfect photographer for your family.

We recently gave it a try and were able to locate a photographer in our area who specializes in action shots of people and their pets, in a price range we could afford. We also wanted a photographer to have enough experience to accommodate us for an “official” family photo, so we filtered our search to include photographers who work in a studio environment, but also know the intricacies of photographing pets (and have the patience to do so). Finally, we narrowed the results to find the right photographer to create the perfect head-shot for the back cover of my next novel (very much needed since mine are now 20+ years old!).

 [note icon=”yes”]This post is sponsored by PhotographerCentral. We are being compensated for helping spread the word about PhotographyCentral, but PetsWeekly only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. PhotographyCentral is not responsible for the content of this article.[/note]

Searches are free and allow you to read an extensive background on each photographer, review their portfolio, and save your favorites. Once you decide on a photographer (or a few of them), you can quickly access their contact information and book your appointment – all from one website.

Another great feature is being able to locate a photographer in your price range. Know ahead of time what you’re paying for, what sessions include (they will vary according to the photographer), and how to order your photos once you’ve decided on the best copies.

Finding a photographer doesn’t have to be a huge chore. Try out PhotographerCentral.com to learn how you can find the best photographers, and the best deals, on photography packages.

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