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[note style=”5″ type=”warning” icon=”yes” class=”template-style”]Note: This company has since been sold to a much larger manufacturing company. Sadly, that company chose to only sell privately to veterinarians and medical facilities. We have left this article in place so you are aware of the amazing technology that goes into the medical field.[/note]

Most all of us who have dogs, also have large vehicles, usually SUV’s.  You can tell that we are dog people because nearly all of our large vehicles are completely covered in dog hair.  Sure, we joke about it, say that we like that way because we always have a “little bit of our dog with us at all times”, or we warn people that if they don’t like it they can walk, and in the deserts of Arizona, that’s a serious threat.  But, in all seriousness, dog hair covering the interior of our vehicles, making us constantly rub our noses like some kind of addict, or making us sneeze without warning as we fly down the freeway at 75 mph, is a legitimate concern.  PetSleeves was designed with our needs in mind.

PetSleeves is just what it sounds like, but a little less barbaric.  It really is a giant “sleeve” of sorts for your pet.  However, it doesn’t look like the sleeve of a shirt, and it doesn’t fit like that on your animal.  (I promise that I wouldn’t endorse placing your best friend into a giant sleeve!).  PetSleeves really looks more like one of the hospital gowns you might see on a patient in Grey’s Anatomy, and it should – it was developed by the wife of a doctor, well, a veterinarian (which in my mind is just as good!).

This unique product is very simple to put on the hairiest of your canine friends.  You simply lay it on their back, then slide their paws through each of the little “arm holes” and it Velcro’s closed under the belly.  Simple.  Even I can do it. 

It’s incredibly lightweight so it can be used year-round without fear of heat exhaustion, and once you have used it, you simply throw it away.  Brilliant simplicity…

I tried it out on our resident “product tester”, Cheiss.  Cheiss is not all that much of a “shedder”, but he is one of the better-natured dogs that we have and is usually willing to try new things.  He did incredibly well with this product, in fact, once it was on – he didn’t even know it was on.  Those are the types of products that I like best – the non-invasive type.  Once I saw his reaction to this, I realized how many other uses this product has.  

The owner, Jody Nassour, mentioned many of them too me.  The first is that they hope to use this as a replacement to the E-collar, a horrid contraption that many of you have had lots of experience with, I’m sure.  I can see this being an excellent alternative to keep pets from ‘bothering” their wounds.

Other uses include pet shows, where you need to keep your pet beautiful at all times.  It could also be used as a protective cover under other dog clothing that you are tired of constantly washing.  You may want to use PetSleeves when you visit a friend’s home and don’t want them to remember your pet forever, and they are wonderful if your pet needs to be around someone who has allergies.  

PetSleeves are 100% polyester, not paper.  They are soft, comfortable for the pet, and lightweight.  Be sure to check the sizing chart before you order.  You will need to measure your dog’s girth (the widest part of the chest), and that will tell you the size that you will need.  The staff at PetSleeves is absolutely wonderful to work with and they are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have a friend or family member who has a dog with a shedding problem, this product would make a great gift!  And Christmas is fast approaching.  So log onto and order now.  But, be sure to get enough sets – remember that these are disposable, not wash and wear!


From the Dogs:

Growls: Too busy trying to figure out what the blue thing on their back is to comment…

Leaps of Joy: Hey, if it keeps mom happy, we’re happy…  It just means extra dog bones for us!

From the Humans:

Two opposable thumbs up: Less dog hair in the house and in the vehicles!  We love it! And now we know that we have an alternative to the horrid E-collar after the next surgery, which will save us money in destroyed property as the dogs!    

We would love to see the leg openings done in Velcro as well, as our dogs are abnormally large.  However, we just cut the elastic and we’re back in business!

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