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Maggies Dog Munchies


maggies-dog-munchiesIf you’re looking for something creative to give your fellow animal lovers this holiday season, Maggies Dog Munchies just may be the purrfect product. We found that not only do our dogs love these cookies, our two-legged kids love making them just as much! The concept is simple. Maggie’s sends off a specially prepared bag of mixture and just as though you were making cookies for yourself, add a few simple ingredients (like water or applesauce, depending on the flavor you choose) and bake.

These delicious doggie treats are made with human-grade ingredients and as she began as a small, family-owned business – you can tell that the care they put into each mixture is not only inspired, but created with lots of extra love. Since the recipes were originally developed for her Wire fox terrier, there is no wheat, corn, sugar or salt in any of their mixes.

So after you’ve finished baking cookies for your neighbors, whip up an extra batch of safe treats for their pets.  Letting the kids cut the dough and create interesting patterns is one of the things you’ll enjoy most. 

If you find that you’re too tired to actually make them yourself, the package itself makes a great gift for animal-loving family and friends.

Since Maggie’s Dog Munchies have no wheat, corn, sugar or salt, they are a healthy way to treat your pet to something they’ll love. All ingredients are human-grade, wholesome and natural. Not only do they taste great, they are very economical and guaranteed to be the freshest treat on the market. You’ll also be helping out a very worthy organization since Maggies partners with CORIL, a non-profit that employs people with disabilities. Maggie’s relies on this organization to provide much of the auxiliary production associated with Maggie’s Dog Munchies.

There are four flavors to choose from (and much to our surprise, our very picky dogs loved all of them).

  • Apple, Oats and Ginger Dog Treat Mix: A special treat that helps to calm sour stomachs and anxious pets.
  • BBQ Dog Treat Mix: A classic favorite for the down-home pooch.
  • Cheesy Dog Treat Mix: How can a dog go wrong with cheese?
  • Peanut Butter Dog Treat Mix: Peanut butter is an all-time favorite with many pets, but make sure your pet isn’t allergic.

Each package is only $9.95. The ingredients you add depend on the flavor you choose, but generally only consist of an egg and water. No matter which you choose, we know you and your pet will enjoy these tasty treats! Check out the video below to learn how simple it really is to make these treats!

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