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Game Day Wear for Your Pets


The Super Bowl is something that everyone can enjoy, including your pets, if you are prepared. Even if you’re not into the football, there are brilliant commercials (the only time we watch them), tons of snacks, and of course – the all important “Puppy Bowl.”

We hunted down some fun NFL-themed pet products that any fan is sure to love. If you hurry, you can order today and still have them in time for that Superbowl party!

If you love pets as much as football, why not serve up your snacks in these fun pet bowls? Or at least, your football themed pet snacks

No matter what you’re watching, or who you’re watching with, we hope that your pets will be a part of the action. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your pets are outfitted with the best in safety equipment and sports-themed pet wear!

Whether you’re a Ravens fan or rooting for the 49ers, here are some fun football themed wear for you and your pets.
For the Big Dogs, check out these fun bandanas:


If you’re worried about your pets getting underfoot, then consider picking up an NFL-themed bed. They are perfect for keeping the game day active, without worrying about tripping over your pets. If you’re dogs tend to get underfoot, consider crating them with a fun Ravens or 49ers Pillow!

And of course everyone needs a fun team-favorite leash, which will keep everyone in check. The smaller dogs will love these cute San Francisco 49er sweaters that will help keep them warm during the game.

And we found some adorable toys that both your dogs and cats will love. Place a matching leash on their collar and you have a four-legged fan and mascot!

But, remember to keep pets safe while those doors are open. Plenty of pets get lost each Superbowl as distracted parents forget to check the doors as guests come and go.

Be sure your pets are wearing their Tagg tracker – if you’re interested in seeing how much everyone is running around, remember it will now track activity levels (which will help you determine how much extra working out they’ll need to do to burn off those pet-friendly Superbowl snacks).

Playing with these fun footballs will help them work off the snacks and learn to love the game of football as much as you do!

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