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Super Bowl, Puppy Bowl and Rescue Bowl


While the Ravens and 49ers are fighting it out on the field, we’ll be waiting patiently to be called in for the Superbowl commercials, which are always a hit. The animals will all be watching in grand style whether they’re in the main room for the “people” party with the Superbowl fans, or in the office with the animal crew who will be tuning into the Puppy Bowl and the Rescue Bowl.

We’ve already got their clothes picked out and the snacks ready to be made this Sunday.  Just in case you missed it (unlikely in today’s blogging climate), we’ve got a quick look at the sporting events for the non-sporting animal lovers this weekend:

Rescue Bowl

This is the event where every dog wins! Bill Foundation, a 501(c)3 animal rescue, will be hosting their first ever “Rescue Bowl.” Two teams of Bill Foundation dogs will be competing in a Shelter dogs vs. Street dogs. Some the lovely animal rescue ladies will be cheering these adorable pooches on and the halftime show is expected to see a solid lineup of animal-loving celebrities.

You can watch the video live with UStream live viewing, and you’ll have a chance to vote on your favorite teams by donating $5 through the handy Paypal button. All donations go directly to helping the teams continue their important rescue work and we do hope you’ll tune in. RSVP now by using this link and you’ll receive a reminder prior to the broadcast.

Cheer on your favorites by placing bets and donate to your favorite MVP by clicking here.

Puppy Bowl

Not to be missed, this year’s event bring a starting lineup of rookie players to the arena. @MeepTheBird will be dishing the dirt from his bird’s eye view of the stadium.
All animals featured in PuppyBowl IX are rescued animals from Wayside Waifs Animal Rescue (Missouri), spcaLA (California), Tails of Love Animal Rescue (New York), Pitter Patter Animal Rescue (Wisconsin) and Big Fluffy Dog Rescue (Massachusetts). If you’re interested in bringing a new player to your team, visit PetFinder.com , which has helped more than 20 million pets find homes. Puppy Bowl features include:

  • PUPPY BOWL’s Puppy Cam: Proper training includes endurance-building exercises so you don’t pull a hammy. Concerned about experiencing an adorable overload on game day? Not to worry – you can practice by watching Animal Planet’s live Puppy Cam leading up to the big game.
  • Puppy Bowl Ref-trospectives: PUPPY BOWL referee Dan Schachner gets the inside scoop on more than good sportsmanship in this online video series. For all the nipping and drooling you didn’t see, check out his behind-the-scenes takes on past PUPPY BOWL experiences.
  • Game Day Puppy Profiles: Every championship-winning athlete knows that studying up on your competition is half the battle. Too bad puppies don’t have opposable thumbs…or computers.
  • Starting Lineup: Study up on the key PUPPY BOWL IX players so you can be preemptively disarmed by cuteness. Fun fact? Australian Shepherd/Catahoula Mix, Althea, loves to both play and snuggle. Talk about a double threat.
  • Game Day Retrospectives: No great American tradition is complete without a look back at how it all started. Reminisce about PUPPY BOWLS gone by with highlights of past games, star players and more.

PUPPY BOWL IX premieres Sunday, February 3 at 3pm ET/PT on Animal Planet.

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