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Five Stylish Ways to Tag Your Pet


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) estimates that five to seven million pets enter animal shelters each year, with over half of that number being euthanized. That’s a sad and staggering number, especially when you think about how many of those deaths might have been prevented if those animals had been microchipped and tagged.

Having your pet microchipped as soon as possible is a great way to insure that they don’t end up a statistic (make sure you update your contact information with the microchip company if you move or change phone numbers), but you should also have a visible tag attached to your pet’s collar – not everyone who comes across a lost animal will think to take them to a veterinarian to have them scanned for a microchip.

If you think having a fenced yard means your pet won’t get lost, think again.  Cats are very nimble creatures, and some dog breeds are capable of jumping well over five feet – even higher if they have a way to boost themselves up and over.

Leaving your pet inside your home isn’t a guarantee that they won’t get outside either. Martin, the owner of Doggy Style, a doggy boutique in Surprise, Ariz., told us that he had a dog who had such separation anxiety that it chewed and clawed its way through an interior wall trying to get out while he was away from home. Thankfully, Martin got back just before his dog made it to the outer stucco of the home.

So, what’s a pet lover to do?  Absolutely have your pet microchipped. But you should also make sure your pet is wearing a tag that’s visible from the outside so that any one will know right away that they are someone’s pet.

Here are the PetsWeekly five stylish ways to tag your pet:

Go the traditional route and get a tag engraved with your pet’s name and your phone numbers (we suggest including your home and cell phone numbers).  There are many ways to get this done, including pet supply stores. Our local PetSmart has an easy to use and inexpensive engraving kiosk by TagWorks. (You can check with your local PetSmart to see if they have a TagWorks kiosk.)

Get a stylish BlanketID, and whoever finds your pet can go to the blanketID website and get all of the information they need to help them get your pet back to you safe and sound. Also, if you know your pet is lost, let blanketID know, and they will broadcast an alert to all local SPCA, shelters, and rescue groups about your lost pet.


Put QR code technology to work for your lost pet. PetQRTag.com makes tags with QR codes on them that can be scanned by any smartphone that has a free QR code reader installed on it. The tags also have a unique PetQRTag.com web address on them just in case those who find your pet don’t have a smartphone. (If you don’t know what QR codes are, read this article.)


Use GPS to keep track of your pet, no matter where you are. Tagg has a pet tracking device that fits on most collars and uses GPS to track their whereabouts. The Tagg Pet Tracker will alert you by text and email if they wander outside of the predefined zone. You’ll be able to keep track of them on the Tagg website from any computer, meaning you can make sure Spot isn’t in the neighbor’s flowerbed again while you’re away at work!


Store more than just a name and phone number with the Flexi PC USB Pet ID Tag. This neat gadget uses the power of USB to identify your dog. You could even include text files with important data on caring for your pet, such as the fact that your Molly has diabetes and she needs to get back home so she can take her medicine!

Remember – the best thing to do is have your pet microchipped and visibly tagged to be sure your fur baby makes it back to you in the event they escape out of your home, vehicle, or while you’re on vacation. Buying your pet tags of any sort will give the general public everything they need to make sure you have a happy ending.

Learn more about pet identification:


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