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FDA Warns Tear-Stain Removal Companies


If you’ve been giving your pets tear-staining products, you may be inadvertently giving them antibiotics and that can create a lot of other health problems.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cracking down on tear-staining products because companies who include the antibiotic tylosin tartrate in their products. Overuse of antibiotics can result in many health problems for pets that may include:

~ Destruction of normal flora that can seriously disrupt your pets digestive system

~ Create colonies of yeast that can manifest in chronic or severe ear and skin conditions.

~ Anaphylactic reactions

The FDA issued a warning letter to the makers of Angels’ Eyes, Angels Glow, Pets Spark, Glow Groom and Health Glow. The antibiotic has not been reviewed for safety and effectiveness in pets or as a tear-stain removal products. Epiphora is the typical cause of excessive tear production in pets. This condition can produce reddish-brown streaks on the corners of dog’s eyes, particularly in small breeds and in white dogs.

The FDA warns the companies to stop the use of the product. If the products stay on the market, the FDA warns that they may seize them or file an injunction against the companies that make or distribute them.

Statements on the company websites vary, but some of the specifics mentioned in the letters include:

  • “Angel’s Glow contains a dilution of Tylosin, a macrolide antibiotic, used to fight infections in dogs and cats. Tylosin is used in the treatment of disease in food producing animals, including beef cattle, swine, poultry, pigs, and all human feed [sic]. Since 1961, this treatment is approved by the FDA.”
  • “The active ingredient in Angels’ Eyes®, Tylosin as Tartrate, will prevent your dog from contracting Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast) and bacterial infections which causes excess tearing and staining.”
  • “Pets’ Spark is made with natural organic ingredients and is a powerful product that weakens bacteria until stains around the eyes are completely eliminated and unable to redevelop. By using our dog tear stain remover, you’re able to treat the root cause of tear stains, thus killing dangerous bacteria at its source and removing eye stains in a long-lasting manner … ” (Pets’ Spark)

If you have been using these products to help remove tear stains from your pets, it is suggested that you stop use immediately until further research can be done. The letters to each company from the FDA can be read below:

FDA letter to I’m a little Tea Cup, maker of Angels’ Eyes

FDA’s warning letter to Angel’s Glow, made by Blanc du Blanc

FDA’s warning letter to Petaware, the maker of Pets’ Spark, Glow Groom, and Health Glow products

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