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Customizable Dog Gear from PrideBites


The following post is brought to you by PrideBites. But you know we’re very particular about our partners and only feature those we love.

Summer is a time for lounging around on blankets at the park or kicking it on the beach with your best four-legged friend. This year, do it in style with a custom blanket you can take anywhere. PrideBites has a new line of completely customized blankets, beds, collars, jackets, and more that are not only adorable, but durable too!

I’m sure you all remember when we first talked about PrideBites: Personalized Toys for Pets back in 2013 (wow, has it been that long?!), but now they offer so much more. Unleash your inner designer and make up your pet’s customized gear for the summer. You can even personalize the blanket with your dog’s name and image (each is hand-drawn by PrideBite’s amazing artists).

We love these products not only because they are fully customizable (and let us reflect our pet’s individual style), but because they are safe. All of their products go through rigorous safety testing and are non-toxic, vet-approved.

These fleece blankets are designed to be ultra-soft, yet tough. They are machine-washable, so a day at the park won’t destroy your custom creation. It’s also very lightweight, so you can take it everywhere, which helps your dog feel like they’re always at home – no matter where they may be.

Creating them is simple as well. Just choose your base color (or design), then choose the color of the piping (the border of the blanket) and add your pet’s name to customize the look!



While you’re designing your dog’s new ultra-soft blanket, take a look at their custom leashes and collars. These are very durable, cleverly designed collars that your pet can wear anyplace you go. You’ll never have to answer the question, “What his name?” again!

With all of the designs and colors you have to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about someone picking up your pet’s blanket to call their own. These are fun, stylish and comfortable products that you and your pets will adore for years to come!

These make great gifts for friends and family as well, so make sure you keep them in mind for the holidays (which are rapidly approaching!).

And don’t forget to order your custom dog toys – these lightweight, machine-washable toys not only squeak, they float – making them perfect for a day at the beach or the water park! PrideBites has a long history of high-quality products and we know you’ll enjoy them as much as our pack has enjoyed their products over the years.



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