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Pet Dental Chews and Additives

Pet Dental Chews and Additives

It’s February, the month of love, fuzzy sweaters, and… Pet Dental Health Month! While not as cuddly as Valentine’s Day (don’t forget to get your ex neutered), taking care of your pet’s oral hygiene is just as important for their overall health and happiness. Pet Dental chews and additives have come a long way and we’re excited to let you know about a few of our favorites for dogs and cats.

Did you know that by the age of three, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of dental disease?

Just like us, pets need regular dental care to prevent painful teeth, bad breath, and even serious health problems down the line. This month, let’s ditch the doggy breath blues and celebrate sparkling smiles for our furry friends! Here are some ways to get involved:

Schedule a Dental Checkup!

Don’t wait for symptoms! Schedule a yearly dental exam with your veterinarian. They can assess your pet’s oral health, identify any issues early on, and recommend the best course of treatment.

Keep an eye out for special offers and promotions during Pet Dental Health Month! Many veterinary clinics and pet stores offer huge discounts on dental care products and services. Check your local veterinarian TODAY and take advantage of these special offers.

Brush Up on Brushing

Daily teeth brushing is the gold standard for pet dental care. Start slowly and use a pet-specific toothpaste and brush. Even a few brushes a week can make a big difference! Not sure how to begin? Here’s how to brush your dog’s teeth.

And don’t be scared to brush your cat’s teeth (yes, this video does make it look easy and your own cat may be very difficult). But, hey – give it a try (gently). We’ve seen many cats lose all of their teeth due to dental problems arising from many causes.

Water Additives for Pet Dental Health

Water supplements are another great way to support your pet’s dental health. Make sure they don’t impact the way your pets drink. If your dog or cat can taste it, they probably won’t drink.

These are a few of our favorites:

  • Pet Water Drops: We’ve been using this for our own dogs and it also helps cut down on bio-film in their water fountains.
  • Healthy Mouth Water Additive for Dogs:
  • TropiClean Fresh Breath: VOHC certified and made in the USA! Contains Sodium Benzoate, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Zinc Gluconate, and Green Tea Leaf Extract.
  • Oxyfresh Pet Water Additive: This additive contains Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Citrate, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (Oxygene®), Zinc Acetate, Sodium Hydroxide, and a Chlorophyllin-Copper Complex
  • PetLab Co. Dog Dental Formula: Utilizes Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, but also contains parabens.

Pet Dental Chews for Dogs and Cats

Dental chews are a fun and effective way to help remove plaque and tartar. Look for chews with the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) seal of approval, which ensures they meet specific dental health standards.

Yummy Combs

This is a new chew that we were able to test out and our dogs love them! The innovative honeycombed design combines a delicious chew with built-in bristles that gently clean teeth as your pet chews. Choose from a variety of flavors and sizes to match your pet’s preferences!

These are also Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) approved. You want to make sure you keep an eye out for that designation in any dental chew, water additive or teeth brushing product you buy.

Yummy Combs contains 46 ingredients (44% Superior Protein, Complete and Balanced Grain Free, NON-GMO and Gluten Free) designed to support a complete and balanced diet. These treats are great for your pet’s teeth and ensure your dog is getting all 22 amino acids and the proper vitamins and minerals they need.

Here are some other dental treats you can explore for dogs and cats:

For Dogs:

  • OraVet: Dental hygiene chews that includes delmopinol to create a protective barrier that helps prevent bacteria from attaching to the teeth. Make sure you get the right size for your pets!
  • HealthyMouth: VOHC approved and made from 100% human grade ingredients. Free of all synthetic, artificial ingredients, alcohol and contains NO calories, fat, sugar or sodium.
  • Greenies: A popular and readily available option with different sizes and flavors for various dog breeds.
  • C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews: These chews contain enzymes and prebiotics that that help break down plaque and tartar while improving gut health. They are also made from plant-based proteins, are gluten-free and easily digestible.
  • Dentastix: Another popular option with a chewy texture that helps clean teeth.

For Cats

  • HealthyMouth Dental Care for Cats: VOHC approved and its patented formula contains 100% human grade ingredients, is free of all synthetic, artificial ingredients, alcohol and contains NO calories, fat, sugar or sodium.
  • Greenies Feline Dental Treats: Smaller versions of Greenies for cats, available in chicken and salmon flavors. VOHC approved.
  • C.E.T. VeggieDent Chews for Cats: Vegetable-based chews with dental cleaning properties.
  • Oralade Dental Cat Chews: Soft chews that help freshen breath and clean teeth.
  • Dentalife Healthy Development Kitten Treats: Designed for kittens, these chews help clean teeth and support oral health.
  • Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dental Chews: Durable chews that help remove plaque and tartar.
  • Purina ONE Dentalife Cat Treats: Crunchy treats that help clean teeth and freshen breath.

Beyond the Chews

Explore other options like dental wipes, water additives, and oral gels to supplement your pet’s dental care routine. There are some great advances being made in the pet industry and we love seeing all of the new technology and innovative chews, gels, supplements, and more that improve our pets lives.

A Note on Natural Remedies

While it’s true some dog owners prefer natural options, it’s important to prioritize veterinarian-approved methods for your pet’s dental health. While some natural remedies might seem harmless, they may not be effective or even safe for your dog. Here are some common ones we see.

  • Coconut oil: While coconut oil has certain beneficial properties, its effectiveness in fighting dog breath or preventing dental disease lacks substantial scientific evidence. Additionally, using too much could cause digestive issues.
  • Parsley and mint: Adding small amounts of dog-safe herbs like parsley or mint occasionally might help freshen breath temporarily. However, their impact on tartar and plaque buildup is minimal. Overconsumption can even be harmful.
  • Apples and carrots: Crunchy fruits and vegetables can be helpful to an extent, but they shouldn’t be your primary dental care strategy. They can’t replace regular brushing or veterinarian-recommended dental care products.

Here’s what you really need to focus on for optimal pet dental health:

  • Regular veterinary checkups and professional cleanings
  • Daily brushing with pet-specific toothpaste
  • VOHC-approved dental chews and treats
  • A balanced, veterinarian-approved diet

Remember, consult your veterinarian before using any alternative or natural remedies for your dog’s dental care. They can advise you on safe and effective strategies for keeping your furry friend’s smile healthy and bright.

Pet Dental Health Month is a great reminder, but taking care of your pet’s teeth should be a year-round commitment. By incorporating these tips into your routine, you can help your furry friend maintain a healthy smile and avoid future dental woes.

Remember: Always consult your veterinarian before introducing any new treats, chews, foods, or additives to your pet’s diet, especially if they have any type of underlying health conditions.

So let’s spread the word, grab those toothbrushes, and show our pets some love by taking care of their pearly whites! They’ll thank you with wagging tails, purrs of contentment, and fresh, minty breath (hopefully!).

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