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Help Your Dog See More Clearly with #BayerExpertCare


We’ve spent some time talking about the new line of ExpertCare™ Pet Care products from Bayer® available exclusively from Petsmart® – and just in time! Cheiss, our senior dog, has had a slew of issues lately that are requiring a lot of home care. The first time we explored the ExpertCare line was during a double ear infection, which (along with antibiotics and an antibiotic cream), required twice daily cleanings (you can read about that in How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears with #BayerExpertCare).

But that’s not all he dealt with. He also has a large cyst on his eyelid that is requiring us to keep his eye lubricated. We could have the cyst removed, but it’s a very costly (and very dangerous) surgery. As he’s now 15 years old, he isn’t a great candidate. We instead opted for a more conservative course of action, which requires eye drops to help ensure the cyst doesn’t scratch his eye and to help keep it lubricated.

That’s where the ExpertCare Eye Lubricant Drops for dogs from Bayer came into play once again.

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The veterinarian asked us to use an over-the-counter eye drop for him, but we weren’t really confident using a human-based lubricant. So we headed out to see what Petsmart had available. Imagine our shock when we discovered that there is a specially designed lubricant for dogs in the ExpertCare line of products from Bayer!

ExpertCare Eye Lubricant Drops are designed to help support natural moisture and lubrication of the eye surface in dogs. The drops are specially formulated with cross-linked, modified hyaluronic acid to help minimize potential dryness and irritation. (Ingredients:Water, Hyasent-S, Sodium Chloride, Disodium Phosphate, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate)

They run about $16 for a bottle that will last you quite awhile (we’ve had this bottle for a month and have used it daily, and we’ve barely made a dent). It’s pretty thick, so you don’t need much.

Application is simple – just place 1 to 2 drops directly in the eye. The natural movement of the eyelid distributes the gel over the eye surface. Depending on your needs, you should be apply it twice daily or as needed. Cheiss is getting by just fine with once a day applications.

(Because it’s nearly impossible to give eye drops to your dog and take a photo, I sadly don’t have any to share with you right now. But we’re working on a post that will show you how to administer eye drops properly to a reluctant dog or cat.)

The new line ExpertCare line of products from Bayer is a godsend for parents who need a little freedom in helping their pets. There are dozens of products in this line that range from skin care for dogs and cats to more specialized care (like what Cheiss requires).

I encourage you to head to over to Petsmart and see for yourself. You’ll find the aisles in both the dog and cat sections. They are usually in the area near the flea and tick section.

(Brock and Bree found the entire line of Bayer ExpertCare products pretty quickly!)

Look for this logo in your local Petsmart store!

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