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Alternative Therapies to Ease Pet’s Arthritis


Arthritic pain can be as crippling to our pets as it is to their owners, particularly in the dead of winter.

If you’ve noticed your dog or cat moving a little slower these days, they may have arthritis, also called degenerative joint disease (DJD). The ailment is common in older, as well as long-backed dogs and cats. While there are a number of ways this disease can be treated, a combination of prescription medication and natural methods are often considered most effective.

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Weight Management[/heading]

Ensure your pet is at their optimal weight. In most cases, you should be able to feel the pet’s ribcage. Both dogs and cats should have a slight “tuck” towards their hips.

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Diet[/heading]

Making small changes to your pets diet can help alleviate the pain of arthritis. Diets that are low in fat and carbohydrates are optimal, but difficult to find. Instead, consider offering vegetable treats, such as celery and carrots.

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Playtime[/heading]

Take your pet for a walk and realize the benefits of exercise for both you and your favorite canine. Playtime should consist of focused movement rather than ‘jumpy” movements. Popular ways to help decrease stress in arthritic joints can include: Swimming, walking on a treadmill, and other low-impact sports.

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Massage[/heading]


Massage and stretching can be healing for you and your pets. While massaging the shoulder or knee of an animal, you will likely experience a drop in your own blood pressure!

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Natural Supplements[/heading]

Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and omega fatty acids can all decrease arthritic pain. These supplements can be found naturally in foods, or given in tablet or liquid form. However, it is important to note that you should never give your pets any type of medication without first discussing with your veterinarian.

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Cold Laser Therapy[/heading]

Use of the Cold Laser on Pets can be invaluable in immediately relieving a pet’s pain level. While initially developed for treating chronic pain in humans, professionals have discovered it is equally effective in treating pets.

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Heated Pet Beds[/heading]

There are many Heated Beds on the market that will help ease the aching bones of older dogs and cats. There are many different types of heated beds (and some specialty heaters that you can add to specific carriers and favorite mats. 

While many therapies focus on treating inflammation and pain, it is also important to help the joint heal. By using a combination of alternative and traditional medicine, you can manage your pet’s pain and facilitate healing.

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