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For the Pitbulls


“Can you help me?” He begs with his soulful brown eyes.
“There’s nowhere for you to go,”
She says as she cries

“Can you save me?” She begs with her beautiful face.
“There’s nowhere left
You’re another hopeless case.”

“Can you make room for me?” He begs as he stares.
“I can’t find a place,
The end of the road glares.”

We’re fighting the fight as hard as we can
We’re fighting for you
But we’re up against the ban

There’s so much suffering, pain and loss
Our hearts are breaking
But you’re paying the highest cost

We’re running out of space, we’re running out of time
I can’t hear one more sad story
Your death is a crime

“Can you help me?” He asks as he begs for his life.
My heart is bleeding
Like I am cut with a knife

We’re trying so hard, but we’re losing the fight
“Can you save me?” She pleads…
But I can’t make things right


You’re dumped, starved and beaten, hauled in on a pole
Forgotten and put to death
I am no longer whole

“Can you save me?” He whispers as he fades away…
Another piece of me dies
There is nothing left to say.

~ Anonymous

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