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Clingy Pup


Fast FriendsDear Dr. Florez,

My dog, Chance, all of a sudden became really clingy. He will hardly leave our sides. He’s constantly under foot and he practically jumps into our laps when we sit down now. He’s always been a loving pup but this clinginess is a little new for him. Could this just be a result of the kids going back to school schedules and he’s just missing them? Or do you think it could be something we should be worried about? Please let me know….


Dear Jennifer,

I would not be overly concern with your pet’s clinginess for now. However, if this continues you may want to have a vet rule out any disease, or other physical causes why your pet has become so clingy.

Most of the times, pets look for attention and love from the people that they are surrounded the most by. This may simply be a result of your pet seeking reassurance from you, as he may feel abandoned from your children attending school and leaving him alone all day.

Best of luck and please contact us if you have any other comments. Also we would like to hear from you later on and see how your pet has recovered, or if additional care is required.

Best of luck,
Diego Fernando Florez, DVM


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