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Treats that Your Ferrets Will Enjoy


When it comes to your ferrets, you want to make sure that they are getting the very best in nutrition. Like cats, ferrets are obligate carnivores, meaning their diet is derived from meat and meat-based foods. They won’t be able to obtain nutrition from protein-based vegetarian foods (like nuts or beans).

So it’s really important that you select the proper treats for your ferret. There are many things your ferret will enjoy (and if you have a cat, you will see many similarities in the types of treats you should have on hand). The good news about ferrets is that they generally don’t have a desire to “eat excessively”.

Ferrets “imprint” on their food within their first year, so what you choose to feed them as kits are going to be critical to their entire life. They also have very fast metabolisms (and if you’ve ever seen a ferret in action, you’ll know why they burn calories so quickly). So you’ll need to make sure you are feeding a high-quality diet from early on. <Insert link>The good news about ferrets is that they generally don’t have a desire to “eat excessively”. They prefer to graze throughout the day, and will rarely overeat. 

Once you have their main diet established, you can begin to experiment with some treats. This is particularly important if you’re working on training your ferret. Treats can be a great way to motivate them, but of course, it’s important to choose the proper treat and ensure you’re not treating too often. 

These are a few treats you may want to consider when training your ferret:

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#339933″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Eggs[/heading]

You’ll find that your ferret will really enjoy snacking on egg (that has been boiled and cooled). It can be a great addition to their diet as well.

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#339933″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Freeze Dried Meats[/heading]

Freeze-dried chicken or turkey makes a great treat for ferrets.

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#339933″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Muscle or Organ Meats[/heading]

These are usually in the form of lamb lung or kidney.

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#339933″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Commercial Treats[/heading]

Some hairball treats contain molasses, which should be avoided. Some are okay for ferrets, but be sure you select one that is focused on ferrets, not on cats. Not all commercial treats have your ferret’s health as their highest concern, so it’s important to understand your ferret’s nutritional needs and do your homework.

<Click here for a list of foods your ferret should never have>

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