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PetsGeekly – Top 10 Pet Videos of 2011


It’s the beginning of a new year, but before we get too far into 2012, let’s take a journey back in time with this list of our ten favorite pet and animal-related videos of 2011. Don’t worry – you won’t see any Rebecca Black here!

 10. In the first of two videos that made it to our list containing bulldogs and their adventures with water, Tillman the bulldog and his surfboard skills had us longing for a trip to the shoreline.


9. We all know cats have been plotting against us for centuries, and this milk commercial from the U.K. gave us a taste of how they might go about it.


8. Is learning to mimic sounds just another tool in the cats’ world domination tool belt, or is the goal simply finding another sneaky way to get dogs in trouble?


7. If you’ve ever had to tell someone to go put on a sweater when they complain they’re cold, you’ll appreciate this dog who knows how to handle his own personal warmth without disturbing others!



6. Social media and SEO have nothing on this marketing tool. Want to see an increase in profits? Add cats!


5. We love all of the Simon’s Cat videos, but this one – released soon after our Pack Leader adopted a second cat into her home – models perfectly the antics that went on in her home after the kitten’s arrival.


4. Here’s our second bulldog, Gus, showing us that dogs like indoor pools too. We saw it a bunch of times throughout the second half of 2011, and we still can’t believe he made it through the door.


3. All we have to say about this one is: if cats and dolphins can get along so well, why can’t we? Give peace a chance, folks.


2. We stand against animal abuse in any form, and it always encourages us when heroes, like Reagan and his owner, who saved two kittens from certain death.


1. This video is by far the most creative animal rescue ad we’ve ever seen. We can only imagine the amount of time, heart, and effort it took to get it done, and that’s why we’ve picked this gem as our number one pet video of 2011!


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