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25 Things I Learned From My Cat

cat paw by tibby

We all learn valuable lessons from our cats. These are just a few of many that I have learned from my cats. Can you relate to any of them?

– Money is not important until it impacts your food supply
– Never change your mind once you’ve made a decision – even if it is in your best interest.
– The best place to lie down is the most well-traveled area, including but not limited to the kitchen table, a warm neck (no matter what species), the middle of the floor, with your favorite person, and on top of the fish tank.

– Frequent naps lower your stress levels.
– Lying in a warm lap will lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

– The best treats in the world are the ones given to you by a loved one.
– The next best treats in the world are the ones you can steal from your litter mates.
– Frequent naps will lower your stress levels.

– It’s important to keep yourself well-groomed.

– Frequent naps will lower your stress levels.

– Curiosity rarely kills anyone.

– The best solution to a problem is a nap.

– The second best solution to a problem is a lap.
– The best blanket is a freshly fluffed, warm blanket.
– If you love something, knead it.
– The best corner of the couch is the one that everyone is on.

– The best drink is purified ice water, fresh from a clean glass.
– The next best water is from a flowing fountain.
– Some things just aren’t meant to be shared – like a litter box.
– Just because someone cuddles with you, doesn’t mean they won’t paw-slap you if they feel like it.
– “Catty” refers to more than just cats.
– The best advice you can take is a nap.
– Paper shredding was invented by felines. Who needs a machine?
– If it’s not in it’s place, it has already changed ownership.

– Yoga is good for body and soul.

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