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My cat just had kittens and I would like to know when to start introducing solid food.


Hello Jeff,

As Foster-dad of all kittens, I can tell you that it is important to let your kittens continue nursing for at least 4-5 weeks. Your mother cat’s milk contains Colostrum (just like humans do) and this provides your kittens with their first defense against disease.

You will find that the mother cat will begin separating herself from the kittens, and will begin the weaning process on her own. What I have always done is to keep food and water, as well as a litterbox with non-clumping litter, available for the mother and her litter at all times. The kittens will observe the mother eat and drink, and you will find that no effort at all is necessary on your part in the weaning process.

If you find that your mother cat is not naturally moving the kittens away from her within 10 wks, then you may need to consider removing them from her. I have never seen this happen, however.

I hope that this answers your question! If I can be of additional assistance, please let me know!

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