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Tapeworms are no problem with #BayerExpertCare for Cats


We recently took in a stray cat that, quite honestly, had no business being out on the streets.

This is nothing new – we do it a lot. But, generally we just participate in TNR programs rather than actually take animals into our home. Sadly, this cat had been on the streets scavenging for meals and fortunately surviving long enough to pick up tapeworms.  

This presented a huge problem for us. Delilah would be entering our home and sadly, tapeworms (Dipylidium caninum and Taenia pisiformis) are a zoonotic parasite (meaning that dogs, horses, other cats, even people can also become infested). That’s why proper care should be taken during treatment and exactly why you shouldn’t wait to treat this problem.

That’s where Bayer® ExpertCare™ comes in… we can simply run down to our local Petsmart and look for the Bayer ExpertCare for Cats section to find what we need for quick treatment of nearly any problem! 

[note style=”5″ icon=”yes”]This post is sponsored by Bayer® ExpertCare And the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help spread the word the word about Bayer ExpertCare products, but PetsWeekly only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Bayer ExpertCare and PetSmart® are not responsible for the content of this article.[/note]

Just a quick note of caution – you should always get a fecal if you suspect tapeworms (or any parasites) in any of your pets. But, we’ve been doing this type of work long enough that we sort of knew what to look for and how to treat (Delilah is scheduled for a full workup prior to going up for adoption).

At any rate, our problem wasn’t knowing what to do, it was finding a brand we can trust to treat the problem. All tapeworm treatments are made up of a broad-spectrum worming medication that contains the active ingredients praziquantel and pyrantel pamoate. This treatment is sold by a number of different manufacturers, but as you know, each manufacturer has different specifications for quality control, suppliers, etc. That’s why we are far more inclined to use a brand we trust rather than a generic brand. Bayer ExpertCare is one we trust.

Cats are highly sensitive to many medications and so we do our research. Bayer is a name we trust and their new Bayer ExpertCare for Cats line of products is one that has made our lives infinitely better. 

Each box contains 3 tablets. This is because dosage is based on weight. Since Delilah weighed 11 pounds 7 ounces, we gave her 1.5 tablets (broken into two meals). The dosage is simple – just follow this chart:

Body Weight (lbs) # of Tablets
5 lbs and under 0.5 tablet
5-11 lbs 1 tablet
Over 11 lbs 1.5 tablets

Administering the tablets are very simple – you can either give it to them as an entire pill (not so easy) or you can crush it up and put it in their food (much easier). The fishier food works best and if your cat senses anything strange, warm the food slightly before giving it to them.

Studies show that within 7 days, your cat will be cleared of any tapeworms. So you’ll need to keep your cat isolated and we recommend wearing gloves when cleaning the box (which you’ll need to keep very clean at all times). The tapeworms are expelled during normal defecation, so you’ll likely see them in the box. Don’t be alarmed – this is a good thing.

BayerExpertCare is super easy to use. Side effects are very rare, but if they do occur, you may see decreased appetite, increased salivation and possible diarrhea. We saw none of those things with Delilah, but it’s possible.

Don’t forget the importance of fecal exams (whether your pets have had a problem or not). Fecal examinations should be done twice a year for both dogs and cats to detect intestinal parasites or bacterial infections. This is an important first step in detecting possible problems. And if you do detect a problem, check out the local Petsmart for affordable solutions in treatment – the Bayer ExpertCare has products that are designed for this type of safe treatment.

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