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The FeedSafe Feeding Station for Feeding Individual Diets


In multi-pet homes, keeping pets out of the others food is of critical importance. If you have a chow-hound who loves to invade your cat’s food bowls (or any other situation that requires feeding individual diets in multi-pet homes), we have a solution for you.

The name of this innovative product is the Feed-Safe Feeding StationFeedsafe Pet Feeder.

What is the Feed Safe Feeding Station?

Feed Safe is a durable enclosure that easily stops larger pets from raiding your smaller pet’s food bowl. Not only does this stop other your dog from raiding your cat’s food, it can give critters like ferrets a safe place to eat while they’re roaming around in their free time. It can also be easily adjusted to help separate kitten or puppy food from the mama-cat or mama-dog.

This is also a very useful solution for animals who tend to be slow eaters, or those who are on a prescription diet.

Another unexpected benefit was being able to keep the cats off the counters! We admit – we have some bad habits and the cats will usually eat their canned food on the counter. This is not the cleanest way to handle the situation, but placing the food on the floor became impossible with our quick acting dogs. The Feed Safe Feeding Station is a great way to let your cats eat their canned foods at their own pace without being on the counter top and without being harassed by larger pets.

NOTE: We use affiliate links in this article – we appreciate your support in using these links to order. We received a SureFeed Unit for review, but this has not influenced our opinion on the product and we were not required to do a review.

The unit fits in any place you normally keep bowls. The Feed-Safe Feeding Station measures 16″ x 23″ so it’s large enough for about an 18-pound cat, but small enough to keep other pets outside of the unit.

The main door allows further adjustment to allow really small animals in (like ferrets or other critters). It’s also a great way to keep kitten food separate from your adult cats – merely adjust the door to let kittens in and keep mama cat out!

Feedsafe Pet Feeder

Another feature we love is the “quick escape flap” from the opposite side. This works great in the event another, more aggressive cat attempts to enter the feeder and a more meekly cat is already inside. It allows the mild-mannered cat to quickly escape without feeling threatened.

Feedsafe Pet Feeder

The unit comes complete with two 1-quart stainless steel bowls that fit perfectly inside the feeder areas.

We love that the cat can sit and comfortably eat or in the case of our lazy cats, lie down and eat. The top is a simply twist and lift to release, so cleaning is a breeze! It has the added advantage of helping to keep ants and other insects away from food.

Any food that falls stays inside the feeder, so if you have messy eaters like we do, there is no worry of ants accessing it faster than you can.

Feedsafe Pet Feeder

Here is what is included in each package:

  • Base
  • (3) panels that snap together
  • (2) 1-quart stainless steel bowls
  • Top section
  • (7) screws
  • (4) rubber base pieces

Feedsafe Pet Feeder

We think you’ll love the Feed-Safe Feeding StationFeedsafe Pet Feeder as much as we do and hope you’ll give it a try! It retails on Amazon for as little as $79.95 and it includes free shipping in most cases.

Awhile back, we wrote about Feeding Individual Diets in Multi-Cat Households, but since that time, a lot of new advances have been made in the area of feeders. While we’ve talked about electronic options before, we wanted to make sure the non-tech crowd had ways to protect food as well.

Still not convinced? Take a look at this great video:

Next week, we’ll be looking at electronic feeders, so stay tuned!

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