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Cats Incredible Litter from Lucy Pet Products


In case you haven’t seen the newest cat litter to hit the market, we want you to meet Cats Incredible from Lucy Pet Products – a company who is on a mission to reduce pet overpopulation and the euthanasia of over 80,000 cats and dogs per week in the United States.

Cats Incredible™ is an amazing new cat litter from Lucy Pet Products that features innovative packaging design to go along with it.

Lifting giant containers of heavy cat litter can become dangerous quickly (and if you have a bad back like me, you know how dangerous it can be to Fall Into the Food Chain). The new packaging from Lucy helps decrease the problem of constant lifting by incorporating the design of a cat into the package.

With this bag of litter, you lift from the tail that wraps around the packaging – sort of like lifting a tea pot! Each bag is 14 lbs, which makes filling a litterbox a breeze!

But, how does the Cats Incredible™ litter hold up?

There are (quite literally) thousands of different types of litters available on the market today. But if you’re like me, you prefer the clay litters for their superior performance.  Cats Incredible is focused around the patent-pending technology that quite literally stops ammonia from forming inside the litter box.

Lucy Pet Founder Joey Herrick developed the concept for Cats Incredible™ litter with a patent-pending technology called Smell Squasher™.

The Smell Squasher™ technology – exclusive to Lucy Pet products actually stops ammonia from forming inside the litter box so you never have to worry about urine smells circulating in your home.

Like their amazing line of Shampoos and Leave-In Conditioners, Lucy Pet Products uses eco-friendly technology and environmentally responsible practices to make their products. Their new Cats Incredible™ litter is no exception.


Super Premium Clay Litter in Two Scents

This is a super-premium clay-based litter that is available in Lavender (which helps calm cats and attracts them to the litterbox) and Unscented (personally, we love the unscented).

Now, we know there are many types of litter – but as far as we’re concerned, clay-based is a tried and true litter that is the best for maximum absorbency and the tightest clump. It just performs better.

Superior Odor Protection

“Cat owners don’t realize that even at very low levels, ammonia can cause eye, nose, throat, lung and skin irritation,” said Dr. Karen Halligan, Chief Veterinary Officer for Lucy Pet Products. “At higher levels, it can cause nausea and vomiting, with intense burning of the eyes, nose, throat, skin and even death. With Cats Incredible, cat owners can rest assured knowing their cat’s litter box is providing a safe ammonia-free environment.”

Lucy Pet Products Cats Incredible litter packaging has revolutionized how we’ll all buy litter from here on out, and the litter is focused around the patent-pending technology that quite literally stops ammonia from forming inside the litter box.

Clay Litters and the Environment

As you know, some clay litter manufacturers obtain the clay by strip mining a specific area (read more at Cat Litter Matters). However, Lucy Pet Products has chosen to use Sodium bentonite clay, and they only work with suppliers who follow an ongoing reclamation cycle to obtain this clay.

That means the supplier has to continually improve the earth as they work it for minerals. Topsoil and subsoil are replaced to create a healthy layer bed that blend in with the natural topography of the region that the clay is claimed from. They also work with environmental specialists to ensure only native grasses and vegetation are replanted.  This helps provide ground cover and vegetation for wildlife and is productive for farming and ranching.

Lucy Pet Products is very serious about their commitment to the environment.

What else is there to say? Not much beyond, “It works great!”

Enter to Win!
Follow Lucy Pet Products and their spokescat, Ricky the Rescue Cat on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram at @LucyPetProducts and @RickytheRescue for chances to win free cat litter!
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