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How to Celebrate National Bird Day

Celebrate National Bird Day

Soaring through the calendar year, we land on a date filled with chirps, whistles, and joyful squawks – it’s National Bird Day! Every year, on September 17th, we take flight to celebrate the wonder of our feathered companions, both wild and beloved pets. Whether you’re a seasoned bird whisperer or simply captivated by their beauty, this day is your chance to embrace the avian world and spread your love for our winged friends.

Celebrate National Bird Day

Why a Day for Birds?

National Bird Day wasn’t hatched overnight. It was brought to life in 2019 by the Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition (BEAK), an organization dedicated to promoting responsible bird ownership and enriching the lives of both birds and humans. This day serves as a dual call to action:

  • Celebrate the joy of pet birds: These intelligent and charismatic companions bring laughter, song, and unique personalities into our lives. National Bird Day is a chance to shower them with extra love, appreciation, and fun activities.
  • Raise awareness about responsible bird care: Bird ownership comes with a significant commitment. This day highlights the importance of providing enriching environments, proper nutrition, safety from household items, and veterinary care for all pet birds.

So, how can you embrace National Bird Day and make it a truly flock-tastic occasion? Here are some ideas to get your wings flapping:

For the Pet Bird Parent:

  • Treat your feathered friend to a spa day!: Offer a warm, shallow bath, preen their feathers gently, and provide fresh, delicious food. They’ll love the pampering and attention.
  • Build a new adventure playground: Get creative with cardboard boxes, branches, and bird-safe toys. This is a great way to keep your pet birds from getting bored! Construct a climbing frame, foraging boxes, or a swing to stimulate their minds and bodies.
  • Learn a new trick together: Bond with your bird by teaching them a simple command like “step up” or “wave.” Their intelligence and eagerness to please will surprise you!
  • Organize a playdate with other bird owners: Socializing is important for pet birds too. Connect with fellow bird lovers and let your feathered friends interact and play in a safe environment.
  • Pick up a new toy! This is a fun way to keep your birds engaged and active, while helping them expand their minds. Make sure they stay clean – here’s how to clean your pet birds toys.

For the Wild Bird Enthusiast:

  • Become a citizen scientist: Participate in bird counts or surveys in your local area. Your data helps researchers understand bird populations and conservation needs.
  • Build a bird feeder or birdbath: Attract different bird species to your backyard by providing them with a haven for food and water. Watch and learn as colorful feathered visitors frequent your garden.
  • Support bird conservation organizations: Donate to groups working to protect endangered species or raise awareness about threats like habitat loss and pollution.
  • Spread the joy on Social Media: Use the hashtag #NationalBirdDay and let photos fly. Share photos and videos of your pet birds or favorite wild species using this hashtag. Tag your friends and bird-loving accounts to get some real lift.
  • Post interesting bird facts: Educate your followers about amazing bird adaptations, migration patterns, or unique songs. Show off your knowledge and inspire appreciation for these incredible creatures.
  • Run a virtual bird bingo challenge: Create a bingo card with different bird characteristics or species found in your area. Encourage others to go birding and mark off the birds they see.

Remember: Whether you have a beloved pet bird at home or simply admire the avian wonders outdoors, National Bird Day is a day to celebrate their beauty, intelligence, and vital role in our ecosystem. Let’s use this day to spread awareness, ensure responsible bird care, and embrace the joy these feathered friends bring to our lives. So, grab your binoculars, build a birdhouse, or simply step outside and listen to the birdsong. Let’s celebrate National Bird Day with a chorus of appreciation for all things feathered!

Celebrate your birds, wildlife and nature on this wonderful day!


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