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Meet the pack who makes this site possible! I want to thank each and every one of them for all that they do to help us out without asking for much in return. They are absolutely amazing people and so generous to help us get this site off the ground… Woof and mews and gentle headbutts…

Our Writers:

We work with several different authors on guest posts.

  • Stacy Mantle: Your pack leader – the one who puts the site together and runs around crazy most of the time.
  • Katriona Lindstrom: Kat handles our horse reviews. With over 20 years of experience working with horses, she can also add award-winning photographer to her repertoire.
  • Tammy Souch: Tammy is our talented editor and frequent contributor. She has many years of experience in rescue and once traveled 2600 miles with two cats in her car. She is the owner of Grammatic Effects – an editing company that also works with formatting eBooks.

Our Consultants:

We don’t know everything, so we rely on some key trainers and behaviorists to assist us in our ability to understand animals. Here are just a few of the key consultants we rely on:

Our Creative Team:

  • J.C. Carpenter: Her amazing talents in art and design are the reason we’re able to offer so many fantastic graphics, including our logo!
  • Pixabay is the main place of reference for our photos. Thanks for providing a service we can afford!
  • Susan Richey: Photographer extraordinaire for her amazing photos in the slideshow of dogs frolicking in the ocean. Visit her at A Dog’s Life Photography.
  • Maia (aka Tibby): Amazing amateur photographer whose favorite video subjects make for some of our best cat pictures. Visit her album at Flickr.

Our Technical Team:

A special thanks to those who take my calls at midnight (or worse, at 4 am) and are willing to climb out of bed and fix a site that has fallen victim to something evil. These are my men in black.

  • Trevor Mantle: Owner of Mantle Solutions and talented “dark knight of computers”


  • Jim Willis: Author and true animal rights activist, he’s generously shared some of his brilliance with us.
  • Ed Kostro: Prolific author and animal lover, Ed is committed to animals of all species.
  • Ron Hevener: Talented author and artist, Ron writes the brilliant “On With the Show” column.

Many thanks, all. We couldn’t do it without you!

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