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PetsWeekly attracts hundreds of thousands visitors from around the world who want to learn more about living with animals. Our readers are  educated pet parents who share a passion for multiple species of animals. Our website is designed to inspire, intrigue and motivate our readers to become even more responsible pet owners – no matter how many (or what type of) species they share their home with. This includes discussions of behavior, training, new products, and new services that assist in this mission.

We work with a number of great businesses and marketing representatives in the pet industry. However, we never promote or write about anything we don’t view as a solid benefit for our readers.

How a Sponsored Post Works:

1. Fill out the form below. We’ll return your email within 2 business days and let you know if we are able to discuss the product.

2. If accepted, we require payment prior to publication. You will receive an invoice via email. Payment is simple as we accept Paypal or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card) as well as a mailed check.

3. We’ll create the content within 5 business days. You’ll have a chance to edit for basic errors (such as company title, clarification of product intent, etc.) We do not allow edits in the content or style of the post unless there is a valid reason for doing so.

4. FTC regulations require us to mention that it’s a sponsored blog post, and they now require it at the top of the post. These disclosures usually read something like this:

[testimonial style=”2″ photo=”images/Icons/PWcat-headpaws.gif” company=”PetsWeekly” url=”https://petsweekly.com” italic=”yes” border_color=”#401a69″]The following post is brought to you by {your company}. However, we’re very particular about our partners and only feature those we believe will benefit our readers.[/testimonial]

Trust and authenticity are important to our readers and we want them to be clear that we have no intention of misleading them or publishing anything that we don’t feel would be of interest, intentionally or accidentally.

To see if you qualify for sponsored posts, please contact us below.


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