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Traveling With pets

Pikes Peak America’s Mountain


Leashed pets are welcome at the most visited mountain in North America and the second most visited mountain in the world behind Japan’s Mount Fuji, Pikes Peak forms a stunning backdrop for Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods. At an altitude of 14,110 feet above sea level, Pikes Peak is the 31st highest peak out of 54 Colorado  peaks. It is the farthest east of the big peaks in the Rocky Mountain  chain, which contributed to its early fame among explorers, pioneers and immigrants and made it the symbol of the 1859 Gold Rush to Colorado with the slogan, “Pikes Peak or Bust”. The 8.9 mile Cog Railway started operating year round in 2007 weather permitting.

Over a half million people reach the summit house every year by the Pikes Peak Highway, Barr Trail or the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. The 19-mile Pikes Peak Highway, paved part of the way, is open year round, weather permitting. Barr Trail is the longest of any trails leading to the top of the 54 mountains in Colorado that are over 14,000 feet, and offers the greatest base-to-summit elevation gain in the state: 7,400 feet. About 15,000 people a year attempt to climb Pikes Peak on foot. The 13-mile trail begins at the base of Pikes Peak in Manitou Springs. 

Three notable events take place on the mountain each year. The Pikes Peak Marathon, a 26 mile round trip foot race up Barr Trail and then back down each August, draws thousands of runners from all over the world. The current Pikes Peak Marathon record which was set in 1993 is 3 hours 16 minutes 30 seconds. The second event, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on Sunday July 20, 2008 is a race on the 12.42 mile gravel road which starts around the 6 1/2 mile mark on the highway. In 2007 Nobuhiro Tajima set a new record of 10 minutes 1 second. The third event is the AdAmAn Club New Years Fireworks display on December 31 at midnight.

Water faucets available, please pick up after your pet’s visit. For more information, visit http://www.pikespeakcolorado.com

Rates for Admission:

December 1 to April 30                                                             
Adults (16 and over):                 $10 per person
Children (6-15):                         $ 4  per child
Carload Rate (up to 5 people):     $35 per car
Additional Adults:           $ 7 per person
Additional Children:         $ 2 per child

May 1 to November 30
Adults (16 and over):                 $12 per person
Children (6-15):                         $ 5  per child
Carload Rate (up to 5 people):     $40 per car
Additional Adults:           $ 8 per person
Additional Children:         $ 2 per child

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