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Pet Loss

Cherished Ones Creates Unique Way to Honor Pet


We’ve all experienced the loss of a pet. It’s the one thing that breaks us as rescuers and animal lovers. That’s why having a way to preserve their memory is so important. 

Cherished Ones has just released their Pet Perennials line of memorial pet products. These are a line of unique crafts that help you memorialize pets at any stage of their life. 

Their seed wafers use organic materials and your pet’s cremains to grow perennial wildflowers so your pet is remembered year after year. The MiY Pet Perennials Kit makes approximately 12 seed wafers. They are so effective that you need not even plant them into the ground. Just place in the area you want to remember your pet, whether it’s a planter or area of your yard, and your lost pet will be remembered forever. 

There are several kits available. The Butterfly Hummingbird Wildflower Seed mix includes a mix of seeds that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The Pollinator Wildlflower Seed Mix contains 17 species of wildflowers, that are safe for the entire country. 

“No matter where you decide to sow your Pet Perennials, we believe everyone will delight in the colorful flowers that bloom as you create new life from the love of a pet” expresses Cherished Ones Co-Founder Remy Bibaud, “we hope our unique product helps provide a sense of togetherness and healing for families wishing to memorialize their pets for years to come.”

MiY Pet Perennials offers DIY kits for $29.99 which includes shipping costs. 


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