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Hit By A Flying Wolf: Book Review


Those of you who have been with me from the beginning know that the reason I began PetsWeekly is because I had two wolf hybrids and a bunch of half-wild cats, and that our journey together is what brought this site to life. We had to learn how to live with three very distinct species (coyotes/wolves, cats and humans) in the same home. (See Falling Into the Food Chain)

I named my second wolf hybrid, Aquila. It is a roman cognomen, which means “eagle” in Latin and “Spirit” in other languages.  I called her that because the first time we met, she sailed over my head, out of the pickup truck of the woman who dropped her off to me. She was my “flying wolf.”

For this reason, I couldn’t wait to read renowned author Nicole Wilde’s most recent book, “Hit by a Flying Wolf: True Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Real Life with Dogs and Wolves .” When I finally got the chance, I was absolutely smitten with her humorous (and sometimes heartbreaking) stories of her life with wolves.

Hit by A Flying Wolf tells the story of Nicole’s journey in training, rehabilitating, and more importantly, learning critical life lessons from the wolves she loves.  You’ll enjoy every story in this book, including the heartbreaking ones, because there is something to be learned from each.

The stories are dynamic and interesting, taking on a life of their own. There is the story of Phantom, who was terrified of the wind and gave the author a case of whiplash. There’s the challenge of finding a pet sitter for a pack of wolves. The story of Heyoka’s visit to the veterinarian, and the ways the author learned to protect skittish wolves from scorpions, tarantulas, snakes and yes – even rainstorms.

“Just like dogs, wolves pick their people,” writes Wilde. And we believe that no truer statement was ever made. This is a must-read for any dog lover. It’s a look at how we can (and should) adapt our training to fit the personality of the dog, and it’s about living a life filled with the love of all creatures.

I truly enjoyed Wilde’s book, her practical approach to training, and her “wild” life working with and training dogs.

As a professional dog trainer and canine behavior specialist, Nicole Wilde (which coincidentally happens to be the last name of the main character in my novel, Shepherd’s Moon ), brings us stories  from her unique perspective of working with some of the most wild, yet intelligent, dogs in the world. She’s a renowned wolf advocate, an amazing photographer (follow her on Facebook for some truly beautiful pictures) and has committed her life to educating others about this beautiful species.  I hope you’ll pick up a copy today.


by Nicole Wilde

About Nicole Wilde

Nicole Wilde is an internationally recognized, award-winning author and lecturer, as well as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Her nine books include So You Want to be a Dog Trainer, Help for Your Fearful Dog, and Don’t Leave Me! Step-by-Step Help for Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety. In addition to working with dogs, Nicole has worked with wolves and wolfdogs for over fifteen years and is considered an expert in the field.

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