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Trimline Veterinary Collars

Trimline Veterinary Soft E-collars

Trimline Veterinary Soft E-collarsTired of those old plastic Elizabethan collars that result in frustrated animals, hundreds of dollars and damages, and lots of angry caretakers? We are too, but thankfully we don’t have to deal with them any longer. TrimLine has come out with a new product that we all love over here at PetsWeekly and it’s the “soft” e-collar.

Sure, it retains the same shape as those old clunky plastic collars that keep pets from licking wounds or pulling stitches, but the difference is that the new collars are soft. They are not made of  that antiquated, inflexible plastic we all hate. Instead, they are made of a soft, yet sturdy, cloth material that serves the same purpose as the plastic by keeping your pet from chewing on wounds.

They are also much lighter in weight (which is easier on your pet’s neck and spine), they don’t damage property, and they are MUCH more comfortable for our four-legged friends, which is really what we’re looking for, right?

Unlike the old style E-collars, these soft e-collars won’t make your pet lose peripheral vision, it won’t cause damage to your walls (and all manner of valuable collections), and it will not frustrate your pet.

The Trimline collar is available in five different sizes and features a drawstring neckline to ensure a comfortable fit for any pet. Ask your vet the next time you’re in his/her office to provide you with a “soft” e-collar from Trimline. If your vet doesn’t know what that is, just refer them to Trimline Soft Elizabethan Collars for pets.

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