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Three Dog Bakery: Treats


Last month, we were able to try out some amazing treats from Three Dog Bakery. I have to tell you, when these treats arrived, my husband came home from work and tried to grab one as a snack because they look just like “people food”! I caught him before he actually ate one, but you know – it wouldn’t have mattered if he did eat them. The ingredients that Three Dog Bakery uses are of such a high quality that humans can easily consume them as well as dogs. (Okay, legally I guess I should tell you that it’s not recommended for humans, but you get the idea…)

These treats are all-natural. They do not contain any preservatives, refined sugars, salts, chemicals, fillers or artificial flavors. So what do they have? Whole wheat flour, honey, molasses, oatmeal, real peanuts, and eggs. That’s it. The Bountiful Basket product line is all about fruits and vegetables, so if you have a dog who can’t tolerate wheat, take a gander at their other lines.  We tried out several types of treats: Sarah’s Spring Treats, Lick ‘n Crunch Carob Dog Cookies, Oatmeal & Apples Woof’ers, and the Ribs. But, Three Dog has so many amazing different types, that we just couldn’t evaluate all of them!

First off, if your dog is allergic to any of the ingredients, try out Three Dog Bakery’s amazing Bountiful Basket line of snacks that are wheat-free, gluten-free and just simply delicious! These natural fruit chews come in apple, banana, carrot and sweet potato – your dog will love them all and they are great for your dog as well!  Some of Three Dog Bakery’s treats use wheat flour, so you’ll need to make sure your dogs don’t have any allergies to wheat before feeding. If they are allergic, luck is with you as Three Dog offers an entire line of amazing fruit products, gluten-free products and much more. We didn’t get a chance to try those out, but we think they are going to be just as amazing as the other lines.

Here’s a quick look at what we reviewed:

The Lick ‘n Crunch Carob Dog Cookies looks identical to a “vanilla oreo”. They even have a soft, creamy carob center that your pups can take apart and eat, or wolf down in true dog style (which is the way that my dogs preferred to eat them). This is the treat that my dogs loved most. 

Sarah’s Spring Treats are only offered for a limited time, so you’ll have to hurry and order to check these out. Each cookie is shaped like either little bunnies, eggs or chicks. They are each dipped in carob or vanilla and really just look like sugar cookies. We found that these were the kids favorite to feed to their pets – particularly during the holidays. I suspect that the shapes will vary according to the season.

We also took a look at the Oatmeal and Apple Woofers. These delicious treats resemble homemade oatmeal cookies, only thicker. As my dogs are great fans of apples, this was also a hit.

Finally, we tried out the spareribs, which we ended up donating to Mingus Manor – a senior pet rescue – for an upcoming fundraiser they are having to raise money for “discarded senior dogs.” If they are anything like the other treats, we know whoever wins that basket will be very pleased!


If you have a kitty, Three Dog hasn’t left them out! They have a full line of great kitty treats as well, and we may end up doing a review on those later.

No matter which treats you order, we’re confident your dogs will love them, your friends will ask you where you where they can get some for their pets, and you’ll have a blast telling your kids that “these are for the dog, not for you.” 

Natural Dog Company

Learn more about the highest quality of ingredients that they use here.  And give them a try – we’re confident you and your pet will love them!

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