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The Luxury RuffGrip Leash


If you’ve been shopping for a new leash, the RuffGrip leash is one that you should seriously consider. We were recently sent a RuffGrip leash for review and it took us all of three minutes to fall in love with it! In fact, we are so enamored, that we are offering you the chance to win one. Just leave a comment at the end of this review and you’re in the giveaway. And now, here’s why we love this leash…


There are a lot of great features associated with the RuffGrip leash. To begin with, it’s a beautiful piece of equipment. The RuffGrip leash is a handsome leather and rubber woven nylon weave that is made to last. The soft leather handle brings back memories of a new pair of reins from the old days when I used to ride horses.


The handle itself is made with padded leather and is reinforced with a nylon and rubber weave throughout the length. This feature increases strength and will hold up against even the largest dog. All you big-breed pet parents will love how strong this leash feels!


ruffgrip-leashSince the leash has a full length of rubber and nylon reinforcement, it doesn’t slip through your hands. In addition, there are leather bands sewed down the entire leash, which creates natural grip points.

It fits the hand perfectly well, and is designed to be comfortable. If you’re someone who’s hands are sore from writing (not mentioning names here), a frequent dog walker or arthritis-sufferer, you’ll particularly appreciate the comfort this leash offers.


The leash comes in three sizes, depending on the type of dog you have. It’s available in lengths from an 8 inch “grab tab” to 15-foot leads. Prices vary according to type of leash, but prices begin at $10.99 for a GrabTab and increase up to $74.99 for a 5-foot braided buffalo leather leash for a large dog. The 6-foot, 5/8” RuffGrip leash with padded handle that we reviewed is only $29.99!


Because we love the RuffGrip Leash so much, we have begged them to provide a new leash for one of our readers.


All you need to do is leave a comment below and tell us why you need a RuffGrip leash like ours. We will randomly select a winner using the “random-generator” on April 15, 2012, so you have plenty of time. If you share this article with your social network, we’ll put your name in again each time you do it and increase your chance of winning.

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