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QuikShade Beds for Pets


The new QuikShade for Pets is the ultimate in camping and beach equipment, it’s perfect for your backyard, and it’s stylish enough to be great for your home. Keep in mind, these are not designed as a secure crating option. They are designed to be an easily transportable bed and shade source that your pets will enjoy on the road or in the yard. We took a look at two styles (and we’re giving you a chance to win your own bed today!):

The Quik Shade Outdoor Instant Pet Shade with Elevated Mesh Bed has an elevated mesh bed with a slightly slanted shade over the top to offer quick protection from the sun. It retails online at $20.99 – $39.99 (depending on size).

The Quik Shade Pets Instant Pet Kennel also has an elevated mesh bed, but is fully enclosed by mesh. This offers some fantastic protection for your pets from bugs and to keep them contained while you’re on the road. When unzipped, the door to the Pet Kennel can be rolled up and secured with Velcro, giving the pet easy access to come and go.

The Vine I took is not loading for some reason, so here’s the link that shows how fast these set up. There is absolutely no assembly required and they fold up just as fast as they unfold.

Engineered for indoor and outdoor use, as well as for home or travel, the lightweight and easy-to-transport Pet Kennel and Pet Shade also has a matching carrying case. The canopy’s angled design not only provides shade, but also allows precipitation to slide off instead of collecting at the top if using it outdoors.

That said, I’m going to give you five reasons you need to run out and buy one of these.

1. Beach

This is the penultimate shade for a day at the beach (and when you get really tired, you can crawl in there as well). The thing we love most is that the mesh bottom is easy to clean (and naturally sifts sand from paws), it keeps your dog off of the hot sand, and you don’t have to worry about your pup tracking sand and wet dog smell all over your blanket.

2. Emergencies

This is a great thing to have near your “go-bag”. Once you get to wherever you are going, you can just unzip it and load your pup in there. We learned that our cats also love this bed! You will need to make sure their claws don’t get caught in the mesh (ours had no problems).

3. Camping

We all camp with our pets and it’s often difficult to keep your pets contained. This is a great way to sit around the fire comfortably without worry that your pet will escape or holding the leash all night. Your pets will feel secure, you have a lightweight and easy way to contain them, and everyone can relax.

4. Travel

This is the ultimate portable travel setup. Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s not going to be strong enough to secure or contain your pets for long periods of time. it’s not designed to do that. But, it’s absolutely perfect for when your dog needs some alone time or you want to keep them nearby in a controlled manner without having to hold the leash.

5. Rescue Events

If you’re like me, you’re forever attending rescue events either as an attendee, a volunteer, or an exhibitor. Just as QuikShade makes the penultimate canopy for people, you’re going to find that these canopies for pets are just as sturdy, lightweight and dependable. They weigh next to nothing (we even have one of the largest sizes, which fits our 65-lb dogs with plenty of room to spare). It’s something that can be tossed into the car without a second thought.

The instant pet beds can be set up in seconds using the Quik Shade’s patent pending instant-fold, which requires no assembly – ever.

Each model comes in three colors and sizes:

  • Yellow Diamond: a crisp yellow and white diamond pattern (PICTURED)
  • Navajo Blanket: a red, grey, black and white geometric design
  • Digital Camo: a modern, technical take on the classic camouflage print (PICTURED)

They also come in three sizes:

  • Pet Shade:
    • Small (24”x24”) $29.00;
    • Medium (24”x36”) $39.00;
    • Large (30”x42”) $49.00
  • Pet Kennel:
    • Medium (24”x36”) $49.00
    • Large (30”x 42”) $59.00

You’ll want to be patient setting it up for the first time because the legs are tough to pushed down correctly. We were impatient and forced it too hard, and tore a screw out. They are incredibly easy to set up, but just as with the QuikShade Canopies that we use at events for humans, it will be stiff the first few times you use it. In all, you can’t beat the price, the flexibility, or the security for when you travel with your pets and need a quick place for them to rest.

Available on Amazon.com, Home Depot and ATG Stores, as well as other major retailers nationwide.

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