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Kisses for Pups

Stella & Chewy's Wild Salmon Carnivore Kisses
Stella & Chewy's Wild Salmon Carnivore Kisses

Stella & Chewy’s Wild Salmon Carnivore Kisses

Are you looking for a special Valentine’s Day treat for your pups? We just found out about Stella & Chewy’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Carnivore kisses and our pups love them!

These treats are made up of one ingredient – salmon. That’s it. There are no added grains, fillers, hormones or antibiotics. No colorings, no salt, nothing. Just 100% freeze-dried salmon.

While they are primarily “designed” for little dogs who like a bit of the wild in their diet, our big dogs went nuts for them – as did our cats, which is really not a big surprise given they have excellent taste in treats.

You will probably want to follow up with some pet breath freshener – we like Dog Smog and Tropiclean Water Additive!

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