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Long Weekends and Sick Animals


Since becoming a full time writer, I’ve started to dread long weekends. For me, and other entrepreneurs like me, long weekends have come to mean banking delays, calls that go un-returned, and almost always, unplanned trips to the emergency vet.

It goes without saying that long holiday weekends is always when my pets get sick or injured. It’s just the rule of living with animals. This is what happened with Brock this past Labor Day.

At first, I was frustrated because we can barely afford scheduled veterinary visits; emergency vet trips are way outside our budget. But as always, we find a way to make it work. And, on the bright side, I realized it would give me time to review some key products that I haven’t had the opportunity to use. Here are a few things we were able to try and things that I would strongly recommend if your pet injures their legs, their paws or their hips.

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E-collar as a fashion statement

The first thing we had to look at was an e-collar. The very nice emergency vet sent us home with an ancient plastic collar, but that not only looked ridiculous, Brock hated it. Luckily, we had a soft e-collar from Comfy Cone that not only looks fabulous on him, but is no where near as frustrating to keep on him. The Velcro runs along one complete side, so it is easy to adjust and it stays on very well.

Socks for dogs? Oh, yeah…

We have long been advocates of dogs wearing socks. Whether your focused on getting them through the summer and around the hot concrete or dealing with wound care like we do. Socks are the ultimate way to keep your pets foot covered and protected.  Our favorite is Power Paws traction socks for dogs.

The socks are designed for dogs who are hate boots. They fit like a second skin, so your dog doesn’t notice them at much. Power Paws also designs a specific set for long-legged dogs, small-pawed dogs whose paws like greyhounds, collies, and Aussies – the breeds that never wear boots or socks because they don’t stay on! We know that these do, and we’re so grateful to Woodrow Wear – the group responsible for coming up with this new fit.

Administering Medication

If your pets are anything like ours, they don’t want to take pills or capsules or liquids. They hate the taste of medicine (particularly antibiotics) and if you have to give them a lot of medication (as we had to do with Brock a few weeks ago), you know it can be a life or death struggle. We found a few tricks to make it easier. Here are five easy ways to get your pets to take their medicine. I think you’ll find it informative and useful, and I hope it will inspire you to think outside the box when making your dogs take a pill.

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