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Gourmet Treats At Home with Sunbeam Treat Maker


Take a step back, Gordon Ramsay. This year, pet parents will be spending their holidays developing creative cookie recipes not only for their human family, but for their pet family as well. Sunbeam Pets has just put their new Gourmet Dog Treat Maker on the market that makes gourmet treats a breeze.

Whether it’s a new “roasted buffalo, sweet potato and cranberry” concoction or a “pan-seared bacon with cranberries and quinoa” biscuit, developing gourmet pet treat recipes is where things are headed.

With the government still puzzled over the source of contamination in jerky treats from China, pet parents are stepping up to take control of their best-friends treat menu. This is a great way to offer your pets some high-quality, gourmet treats without breaking the bank – an important consideration in today’s economic climate.

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The only way to really be assured of a great treat is to make it yourself. And if you fancy yourself a bit of an entrepreneur, you may even create the next Milk Bone!

Maybe it will take up more of the premium space on the counter, but we think it will ultimately result in some creative dog treats as a result. And isn’t your pet worth it?

We would love to hear about your recipes and learn more about what your dogs love. This is a great way to make treats for your pup, develop some tasty new recipes and do something special for your pets this holiday season.

The unit even comes with a handy recipe book to get you started. Here’s just one example of a tasty treat you can make:

The Sunbeam Pet Treat Maker is available at PetSmart and the suggested retail price is $29.99. What are you waiting for? Start creating!

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