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The Drinkwell Pet Fountain


When I first thought about writing a cat product review column, I came up with what I originally thought was a creative, brilliant, never-before-done idea: a product review column written from the point of view of a cat!  But, after several very frustrating false starts, I soon found that it was one of the more ridiculous ideas for a monthly column that I had ever come up with.

You see, I really should have consulted with the cats about my brilliant idea first, which is ultimately what I did. However, in spite of my best efforts and most persuasive tactics to get the cats to write (which included begging, pleading, bribery, and promises of 401K benefits), they simply ignored me.  When I finally did get them all gathered at the computer, their agenda tended more towards competing for sleeping space on the keyboard, playing “keep-away ” with the wireless mouse, and creatively sorting the papers on my desk into a more festive and artistically shredded arrangement. They even began playing with my newest globe, pointing out the various origins from which they came.

It wasn’t long before I finally realized the utter futility of giving writing assignments to cats, much less expecting them to meet deadlines. Cats simply see no need to be productive on anyone else’s schedule and really make lousy writers, despite their ability to be excellent muses.


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The truth is that I, as an experienced cat-care provider, should have already known that such noble and superior beasts as felines would never willingly burden themselves with the mundane task of writing a column.  After all, they have far more important things to do with their time; things like sleeping, cleaning themselves, eating, sleeping, tormenting the dogs, sleeping, ordering their humans around, and sleeping.

Cats also expect their humans to automatically know which toys will best please them, which beds are softest to lie upon, which drinking bowls provide the cleanest water, and which food is the most satisfying.  But, being the fallible humans that we are, we can often be unaware of our cat’s needs.   Let’s face it; sometimes we just need a little help.

This column is designed with that need in mind.  And so, as the human representative unanimously elected by all 14 of my resident felines, I will review a variety of products according to cost and the ease with which the product is assembled, cleaned up, or maintained.  Meanwhile my feline friends will offer their purrs and hisses in the final paragraphs, telling us their own personal opinions of each product according to uniqueness, enjoyment it offered, and general interest to them.  It will ultimately be my job to accurately relay their opinions through close observation of their behavior and “cat-titudes”.

We’ll begin our first column with a review of the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain . When I first considered purchasing this device, it was for one reason only – to encourage my desert dwelling felines to drink more water in an effort to decrease visits to the veterinarian. This, in turn, would decrease my own stress, worry, and exhaustion from long sleepless nights caring for sick kitties.  The purchase was, therefore, a selfish act.

Interestingly enough, a lack of water in our feline friends causes an increase in “crystals”.  Crystals, of which there are three types, are those horrible little mineral deposits that build up in the urethra of (mostly) male cats, causing a urinary blockage.  This ailment is both costly to treat, and more importantly, often fatal to our beloved cats.  Since 10 of my 14 cats are male, I opted to find a way to make them drink more water.  And off we went to purchase our first Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain .

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The instant I plugged this remarkable device into the wall, I was mauled with curious felines.  They loved it.  They loved the gentle flowing sound of the imaginary river, and were fascinated by the constant movement of water.  They jockey for position in front of the pet fountain, and the more dominant felines, who sometimes sleep in front of the fountain, have to be nudged out of the way so the more docile kitties can have their turn.

Best of all, they very obviously love the taste of the filtered and aerated water.  It’s a wonderful way to encourage and increase their water intake, and as we know, properly hydrated cats are healthier cats!

The concept for the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain is very simple.  The water is moved through a replaceable charcoal filter cartridge by means of a small, quiet motor, and is continuously running, which provides constant entertainment for our kitties.  It’s definitely a keeper.

From the Dogs:

Hsses & Spits: None!  we love it – pure water, coming from a pure source – plus entertainment! What else is there in life?

Purrs: Unanimous.  I (the owner) glory in the quiet, harmonious purring of 14 very contented cats…

From the Humans:

Two opposable thumbs up!

The fountain is easy to set up and use, simple to clean, easy to maintain!  Be sure to buy the extra container and keep it filled!  I fill ours up at least once a day, sometimes more often in the hot summers of Arizona.  Clean it and change the filters at least once a week for fresh clean water year round.

Drawback? The dogs are jealous, so I will probably have to buy one for them too…

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